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Insurance Underwriting

New Car Assessment Program Aids in Pricing Auto Insurance

The effort to gather more information about individuals can result in privacy violations and even unintentional bias. One way to reduce the risk of this is to control for as many variables as possible when underwriting policies. 

To Infinity and Beyond

Humanetics has worked with every space program since Apollo 11. Recently our dummy was the first female to hitch a ride on Space X.
Brain Injury

Innovation Bites: Brain Injury

We have made great progress in reducing severe head and brain injuries since the introduction of mandatory seat belts, but these types of injuries remain a key factor of all safety design, especially in the areas of military and aviation.  
Elderly Couple Driving

Making the Most Vulnerable Safer

With 20% of the population over 65 years of age and 75% technically classed as "overweight," we work hard to ensure everyone's safety needs are equally met.