Advancing Powered Two-Wheeler (PTW) ADAS Testing

The UFOmicro has been expertly crafted to meet the growing demands for comprehensive Powered Two-Wheeler (PTW) ADAS evaluation. It accommodates a range of PTW testing scenarios and is designed to support the latest generation of detailed PTW replicas, enhancing the realism and precision of ADAS assessments.


The UFOmicro target carrier was developed specifically for PTW (Powered Two-Wheeler) and VRU (Vulnerable Road User) tests. It was designed with extremely high lateral and longitudinal accuracies for dependable and repeatable testing. The UFOmicro seamlessly integrates into the existing Humanetics portfolio and other active safety products for synchronized testing, allowing the configuration and testing of complex, real-life scenarios with up to ten robots.


Ability to reach speeds up to 90kph

The UFOmicro target carrier, engineered for precision in ADAS PTW testing, achieves a remarkable speed of up to 90 km/h. Its four-wheel drive contributes to an incredibly stable design, ensuring outstanding accuracy even at high speeds. This combination of speed and stability makes the UFOmicro an essential tool for advanced, reliable testing in automotive safety development.



most versatile target carrier


… with possible Extensions

Versatility is a key strength of the UFOmicro target carrier, designed for ADAS PTW testing. It seamlessly accommodates a variety of target options, including walking children, adults, and motorcyclists, ensuring comprehensive testing scenarios. Enhanced by PTW and VRU extension support, it excels in high-speed testing with increased stability. Additionally, its ability to perform tests with a mere 25mm clearance using VRU extensions showcases its precision in replicating complex urban environments, solidifying its position as a vital tool in automotive safety testing.


Hot Swappable Battery Design

The UFO product line boasts a swappable battery design that emphasizes quick and easy exchanges, taking as little as 2 minutes, directly from the top of the device. This "hot swap" feature ensures that all systems remain operational during the battery exchange, eliminating the need for rebooting or reinitialization, which maximizes testing uptime. The batteries themselves can be recharged swiftly, in approximately 25 minutes, enhancing the efficiency of the entire testing operation. This design innovation supports continuous use and improves the overall productivity of ADAS testing procedures.

operation through tough weather conditions

Built to endure, the target carrier showcases exceptional robustness with its fully-sealed electronics, ensuring it operates seamlessly in both wet conditions and extreme temperatures. It maintains its high performance without the need for additional cooling, even when the heat turns up, and continues to function when temperatures drop, proving its versatility across a wide range of weather scenarios.

Transportation Size 1050 x 980 mm
Test Ready Size 1050 x 980 mm
Chassis Height70 mm
Test Ready Weight85 kg
Clearance15 mm
Maximum Speed Forward90 km/h
Maximum Longitudinal Acceleration4 m/s²
Maximum Longitudinal Deceleration6 m/s²
Maximum Lateral Acceleration3 m/s²
Minimum Turning radius8 m
Batteries Included2
Battery Technology Lithium Ion (LiFePO4)
Battery Slots2
Battery Swapping Time2 minutes (hot swappable)
Battery Set Charging Time25 minutes
Battery Life Time (common NCAP Testing)Half testing day
AccuracyIn line with ISO 19206-7
GNSS Unit OxfordOEM1000v2
GNSS Unit SBGEllipse-D
Radar CrosssectionIn line with ISO 19206-9 / 19206-5 / ISO 19206-4 / ISO 19206-2
Drive-over CapacityPassenger vehicles, Commercial vehicles, Heavy Duty vehicles
Targets (main use)European Motorcycle Target (EMT), E-Scooter CNCAP Target (PTW), Pedestrian Adult Target Articulation (EPTa), Pedestrian Child Target Articulation (EPTc), Bicyclist Adult Target (EBT), Bicyclist Child Target, Playing Child Target (PCT), Standing Scooter Target (SST)
Operation Temperature Range-5° to 40°
Weather resistanceFully-sealed electronics work under tough conditions
Recommended Storage Temperature5° to 25°

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  • ADAS testing
    • Automatic Emergency Braking, Vulnerable Road User / AEB VRU
    • Forward Collision Warning, Vulnerable Road User / FCW VRU
    • Automatic Emergency Steering / AES VRU
    • Emergency Steering Support / ESS VRU
    • Pedestrian Automatic Emergency Braking
    • And more…
  • AV testing
    • Customizable traffic scenarios
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    • Edge case testing

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