May you live in interesting times.

While this English expression is commonly used as a blessing, it is actually meant ironically. In reality, life is typically better in "uninteresting times" of peace, health and economic prosperity.

The first half of 2020 certainly has been “interesting” for everyone around the world. There is no playbook for how to manage business through a widespread pandemic and its impact on a connected global economy. Like most, our business was affected in every region of the world.

However, unlike some we have successfully navigated through the crisis. Through it all, we never stopped innovating, developing new offerings and providing essential mission-critical, life-saving solutions and services under challenging circumstances.

And now, as economies open-up all over the world and life returns to “normal”, I am excited to introduce the new look.

Humanetics Group Logo

The New Humanetics Group

While we are most commonly known as the crash test dummy people, we are also the leading experts in a variety of other vital, highly sophisticated technologies.

From electronic sensors and fiber optic sensing elements to precision laser processing technologies, Humanetics Group companies serve a diverse base of customers of all sizes from 24 facilities strategically situated around the globe. 

We draw our own specialty optical fiber in southern England, design custom electronic sensors in the heart of the technology cluster outside of Boston and code sophisticated virtual testing models in our office in Bangalore. Our crash safety experts in places like Heidelberg, Tokyo, Nagoya, Shanghai and Detroit provide direct support to every automaker and safety supplier wherever they choose to manufacture vehicles. We go by the names of Humanetics, HITEC, Fibercore and OpTek, but we are all part of one Group. No other supplier in any of our targeted segments has the depth of experience in our specialty fields or breadth of global reach to support multinational corporations with their most important programs.

To accelerate our progress in the fastest growing industries we must leverage our collective strengths and clearly communicate our overall value proposition. We have created a shared identity to show the world that we are one group working together for a common mission.

  • Together we bring customers the assurance of scale and geographic reach.
  • Together we bring a broader portfolio of engineering expertise. 
  • Together we bring a long track record of growth and financial strength.
  • Together we keep people safe, in critical environments.
  • Together we inform innovation through sensory intelligence.
  • Together we enable precision engineering at microscopic scale.

While these are interesting times and we have all felt the strain, I am confident that the outlook for the entire Humanetics Group, our customers, the global economy and our local communities is bright.

We are truly stronger together.

Christopher J. O’Connor

Chris is the global leader of the Humanetics Group and is one of the industry's recognized experts on vehicle and occupant safety. He is a retired Colonel in the US Army Reserves and a board member of several fast growth engineering businesses. He can often be found calculating velocity and winds speeds on the golf course, or tuning the torque on one of his engines.