Protecting Human Potential

The Humanetics Group is a leading provider of sensory intelligence, virtual simulation, crash test systems, precision sensors and cutting edge photonic solutions through its subsidiaries Humanetics, HITEC Sensors, Fibercore and OpTek Systems. Our solutions create data from critical environments and deliver precision control to empower people in their connected world. When we innovate, humans thrive.

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Global Reach

We have 24 locations strategically located in every major economic market and geographic region to support our diverse, multi-national customer base throughout the US, Europe and Asia.

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Growth Industries

We operate in rapidly growing sectors – such as biomedicine, autonomous vehicles, aerospace, power generation, the internet of things, 5G, and infrastructure - at the intersection of hi-tech engineering and virtual simulation.

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Market Leadership

Our companies are recognized as the leaders in each of the niche markets in which they operate. Whether its automotive safety, automated driving systems, specialty optical fiber and related solutions, industrial load cells and other sensors or precision laser cutting design, we are known as innovators and the experts in our fields.

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Financial Backing

For the past 70 years, we have invested in our capabilities, technologies and global infrastructure to deliver the most innovative products and services to our customers worldwide. Our customers should take comfort in our longevity as a test and measurement leader as well as with our strong financial foundation.  

Our Work in Action

We draw our own specialty optical fiber in southern England, design custom electronic sensors in the heart of the technology cluster outside of Boston and code sophisticated virtual testing models in our office in Bangalore. Our crash safety experts in places like Heidelberg, Tokyo, Nagoya, Shanghai and Detroit provide direct support to every automaker and safety supplier wherever they choose to manufacture vehicles. Our products keep jet fighters on course, ensure proper dosages of life-saving medicine are properly administered to patients, allow the Mars Rover to send back data from the Red Planet, and help protect astronauts from extreme gravitational forces. Explore some of the ways our technology is applied from cutting edge aerospace projects taking humankind to the edge of our galaxy, to manufacturing microscopic components for particle colliders.

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We Have Worked Hard to Achieve Market Leadership

To support our expansion, we wanted to create a strong platform for our operating companies to engage with customers in new sectors and new markets. So, we formed the Humanetics Group  to show that we are part of the same company, leveraging our knowledge, engineering skills and infrastructure to strengthen our operations and accelerate our innovation. Together we are stronger.

By the Numbers


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What's Happening


To Infinity and Beyond

Every time one of our dummies is sent to space, we know that her journey is paving the way for safe human exploration of the final frontier.


The 5G Revolution

5G is a game changer of a generation as it creates the connectivity required for the Internet of Things (IoT). It will enable applications that we can’t even imagine.


The Sensors in All-Electric Aircraft

A growing interest in finding ways either to replace heavily polluting hydrocarbon-based fuels or to increase their efficiency.

"May you live in interesting times"

President and CEO, Chris O'Connor, shares his thoughts on the world we are operating in, his outlook for the future, and how the Humanetics Group is rising to the challenge.

Our Family of Organizations

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Building on seven decades of crash test dummy innovations to help automotive and transportation engineers ensure a safer future.


The global leader in specialty optical fiber solutions that enable precise sensing and control in the world’s most demanding and harsh environments.


Unrivaled innovation for load cells, custom strain-gauge sensors, torque sensors, and instrumentation for medical, aerospace, and other sectors.


World leading laser micromachining and optical-fiber processing tools and services meeting precision manufacturing challenges worldwide.