When we innovate, humans thrive.


The Humanetics Group is a leading provider of crash test systems, precision sensors and cutting edge photonic solutions through its subsidiaries Humanetics, HITEC Sensors, Fibercore and OpTek Systems.

The group has has over 800 employees across 24 facilities strategically located around the world with the global corporate headquarters situated in Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA.

Our businesses offer precision engineered technologies to ensure system performance in extreme and critical environments. They enable accelerated intelligence for trusted control of systems that are ever more complex and automated. Each is the trusted expert and recognized leader in its respective field.

Our solutions sense life in motion to help safeguard vehicle occupants, guide the surgeon’s hand, the oilfield operator’s drill and the astronaut’s trajectory. And all our teams in the Humanetics Group are committed to protecting human potential through innovations that keep people safe, in charge, and inspired to achieve the extraordinary.

Space x launch

Each company operates as a distinct entity, but we leverage synergies in our relationships, engineering capabilities, research and business systems across our own network development to help drive our growth into new sectors and markets.

We collaborate with engineering teams in aerospace, medical, energy, telecommunications, automotive, manufacturing and other industries at the forefront of progress and growth.

  • Humanetics is the global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of biofidelic crash test dummies, calibration equipment, crash sensors, software modeling and active safety testing equipment. Its devices and simulation software used to develop safety systems in vehicles, commerical and military aircraft, and space rockets. In the automotive sector, Humanetics serves 100% of the OEMs and Tier I safety suppliers worldwide. 
  • HITEC Sensors designs and manufactures custom electronic strain gage sensors for force, load, torque and pressure measurement that can operate securely and reliably in extreme temperature and critical environments where sensory intelligence drives performance, safety and efficiency.
  • Fibercore manufactures the most comprehensive suite of specialty optical fibers used in a broad and growing range of applications including fiber optic gyroscopes (FOGs), fiber optic hydrophones, fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers (EDFAs) and embedded sensors. Its products are used in cutting edge biomedical, energy, defense and telecommunication systems.
  • OpTek Systems designs and manufactures precision laser processing solutions, combining its core expertise in lasers, optics and laser materials interactions with a high-degree of automation. The company develops equipment for sale and manufactures and supplies services for laser optical fiber processing, stripping, lensing, fusing and cleaving; and micro-machining equipment used in mission-critical precision applications.

We are stronger together.

We continue to seek out and invest in sound and stable companies; leaders in their field, with talented and passionate management, committed to human protection, control and empowerment. If you have an existing reputation and future vision for advancing human progress in sensors, safety testing equipment, data acquisition systems, life sciences and diagnostics, simulated design or testing, or related fields, we invite you to explore joining the Humanetics Group.

Generation after generation, our companies have been instrumental in helping humans explore frontiers—from safe travels on earth and in the air to safe landings on the moon, Mars and the International Space Station ; from finding new, life-saving therapies to finding the Higgs boson particle, the building block of the universe. Our engineering capabilities are unmatched. Our partnerships are prized and productive. Our reach is global.

Our shared mission is simple. When we innovate, humans thrive.

Our Family of Organizations

Building on seven decades of crash test dummy innovations to help automotive and transportation engineers ensure a safer future.

The global leader in specialty optical fiber solutions that enable precise sensing and control in the world’s most demanding and harsh environments.

Unrivaled innovation for load cells, torque sensors, custom strain gage-based sensors and instrumentation for medical, aerospace, and many other industries.

World leading laser micromachining and optical-fiber processing tools and services meeting precision manufacturing challenges worldwide.

Corporate structure

The Humanetics Group and its legal entity, Safety Technology Holdings Inc, is owned by Bridgepoint EU. Bridgepoint is a major international private equity group focused on investing in market-leading businesses, working with management teams to create and realize value within its portfolio companies.