A history of military safety

The first company that would become Humanetics began developing an anthropomophic dummy for testing air and spacecraft ejection seats, helmets and restraint systems.

That first dummy became the father of industry-specific dummies for automotive, aerospace and military safety testing. In the decades since, we have continually refined the biofidelity, instrumentation and usability of our dummies to meet the unique needs of these industries and the critical environments they must address.


Military Dummy Types

We engineer specialized dummies and legforms designed for live-fire testing to evaluate the effects of ballistic impacts and the effectiveness of armor and other countermeasures. We offer dummies for testing aircraft ejection seat systems and military parachutes. Our FOCUS headform measures facial and eye impact loads in protective equipment tests. We also provide dummies for the Joint Primary Aircraft Training System, JPATS, to comply with the sizes and weights of military pilots, from small females to large males.


Specialized Military Designs

While our military dummies are based on sophisticated automotive dummy designs, they incorporate highly specialized biofidelity features and instrumentation to test the conditions encountered in combat and the exceptional countermeasures required to keep soldiers alive and whole. One example is our MIL-LX legform, optimized to measure the vertical forces and accelerations imparted from below by anti-vehicular land mines.

We owe a special duty to our men and women in uniform. When placed in harm’s way, they deserve every advantage for returning home safely to their loved ones. Humanetics is proud to be part of that mission.

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