The Fire Department Berlin welcomes a new Colleague


With the huge task of responding to emergencies, technical assistance, hazard prevention, emergency management, and of course firefighting, the fire department Berlin is constantly innovating to ensure the safety of the residents of Berlin. But who is ensuring safety of the firefighters of the department, including testing safety devices?

For this very unique task they welcomed their newest addition to the team, HIII-50M PED, earlier this month. With this specially configured ATD, the testing group of the fire department Berlin will test, among other things, jumping rescue devices such as jumping cushions.

HIII-50M PED in use

Rescue cushions are inflatable rescue devices that are being used regularly for rescuing people e.g. from burning buildings. Before releasing these cushions in Germany for use, they must be tested to being compliant to DIN 14151. This test includes tests with an ATD, evaluating whether the specified results for acceleration forces, acting on the head, chest and pelvis, are met. The typical maximum height is 16 m, however it can be used up to a height of 60 m in some cases. 

Proving that ATDs can be used in a variety of different areas this, definitely not ordinary, ATD was designed to ensure that the impact is neither injuring the firefighter nor the rescued person.

Thank you for the delivery of the ATD. We are happy to have another great and important colleague at the fire department Berlin, who will prove its worth and support us in our work. The first tests are already being planned and we are looking forward putting them into practice. Thank you to Humanetics for handing over of the dummy as well as the good introduction to the dummy on the hardware and software side.

Karsten Neumann, Head of Testing - Berlin Fire Department

We are proud being able to support the Berlin firefighter department, to ensure safety for those that come to rescue when others are in need.

If you would like to know more about the HIII-50M PED ATD, please contact us or contact your local sales representative.

Group Picture Delivery

This very specific project was carried out by Humanetics in cooperation with mg-sensor and IAT (Ingenieurgesellschaft für Automobiltechnik).

Anne Raab

Anne is the Marketing Lead for Humanetics Safety in Europe, residing in the beautiful city of Heidelberg, Germany. She works closely with both our Passive and Active Safety teams to bring the latest events and communications to the industry.