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Humanetics provides a full range of services to install, maintain, calibrate, and certify our ATD’s. Our aim is to keep your test operations running to the highest certified standards by providing you with our expertise, products, and partnership when you need it.

We offer

  • a complete plug and play management service to give some of our clients a turnkey solution building and resourcing new facilities around the world.. and others, a scalable set of resources during peak testing.
  • leased ATDs, and engineers to install them, for specific tests or longer periods of time and we can provide regular maintenance and training for in-house teams, or schedule times to deliver one-off programs tailored to your needs. 
  • a full training program to develop the next generation of engineers in your labs, or a fully outsourced solution with our engineers embedded in your teams on a short term or long-term basis.

Please reach out to us for further details of who we can help keep your testing program on track.

Humanetics has advanced dummy lease ATDs with on-board DAS available to customers needing a short-term ATD rental to support their testing programs. Rental units such as the WorldSID-50M, THOR-50M, THOR-5F and THOR AV include a minimum of specific protocol instrumentation, with additional configurations available. 

Please contact your account manager or customer service representative to check DAS, Instrumentation, and ATD availability.

The Humanetics ATD assembly training program provides technical knowledge on the mechanical construction of specific regulated and research test dummies. These highly technical and detailed courses for geared towards technicians whose responsibilities include the maintenance and repair of ATDs. Hands-on assembly and disassembly can be demonstrated on-site in customer facilities or in Humanetics laboratories. Emphasis will be placed on proper techniques and troubleshooting the mechanical performance of dummy components.

The Humanetics ATD certification training program provides technical knowledge on the certification and calibration practices necessary to validate dummies used in regulatory and research settings. Hands-on testing will be demonstrated in Humanetics testing laboratories. Both standard (required) and optional instrumentation will be covered. Emphasis will be placed on proper techniques and troubleshooting the dynamic response of dummy components.

The Humanetics repair and remold program can provide an alternative solution to replacing damaged dummy components. Many flesh parts with integrated aluminum or steel bones can be remolded while reusing the existing structural metal. This can provide a cost savings to customers over the prospect of replacing body segments with wholly new components.

Please contact your local sales representative for a re-mold quote and a RMA# to return your parts for service.

Humanetics offers calibration and certification services for all tested dummy types and sensors. ATD certification includes initial overall inspection of the relevant dummy components and dynamic testing certified to the latest approved industry standards.

Humanetics labs also stock the most commonly replaced certified parts for all dummy types. This allows Humanetics to offer the fastest possible turn-around times to meet your testing schedules.

Humanetics provides elite services for sensor and Data Acquisition System (DAS) integration into our existing ATD product line. 

Humanetics supports, installs and validates the complete system of a variety of different Data Acquisition Systems from various suppliers including DTS, Messring, Kyowa, and Kistler. Humanetics integrations assure that your dummies meet regulatory requirements, maintains the Humanetics product warranty, and supplies a true turnkey solution.

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