Social Responsibility

Since the 1950s when Sam Alderson began making devices to test safety for pilots and astronauts, Humanetics engineers have used sensors and precision technologies to ensure the safety and well-being of all occupants in vehicle design. This sense of responsibility for other people’s well-being, and the technological skills to provide devices that protect people in these critical environments, are core to Humanetics’ DNA. 

We aspire to take the same data-driven approach to ensure our mark in the world, our community, and our workplace is a positive one. We want to minimize our impact on the environment; build sustainable practices into our supply chains; engage and support the communities we work within; and provide a place of work where a diverse group of people can thrive.


Our values

At the heart of how we work is a set of shared values that drive our business, our partnership, and the people we strive to be - every day. As an entrepreneurial business with successful operating companies in different markets across the world, we know how to celebrate independence and bring the power of unity to our network. 

  • Human-centric: We always see the human side of our solutions and our impact on the world. We believe that the more we focus on serving the needs of our clients and our employees the more we will get in return.
  • Innovative: We know our curiosity to solve problems also needs a hunger to deliver an impact. We know the best solutions come from a diversity of thought.
  • Agile: We believe good ideas in business come with a sense of urgency. We should move fast and iterate.
  • Openness: We believe in impeccable ethics, honesty, integrity and open communication. Openness enables us to respond to problems and opportunities.



We actively participate in our local communities to share our knowledge, support our industry, and provide opportunities for the next generation of engineers.


We want to encourage greater diversity in STEM and our workforce. We actively support initiatives that allow young women and ethnic communities to pursue a career in engineering. We are a member of the Wayne State University (WSU) College of Engineering Corporate Partners Program, allowing us to engage the students and faculty directly. Through our partnership with WSU and other universities around the world, we offer experiential learning programs for students via internships, co-ops, capstone projects, and mentoring opportunities. We offer students research grant opportunities and other hands-on experiences studying the most advanced crash safety technologies and biomedical engineering applications. Additionally, we fund youth science and engineering programs for K-12 students, the Society of Women Engineers, and the National Society of Black Engineers. 

Road safety programs

As pioneers in ATD safety, we know how to prevent injury and save lives in accidents. We support a wide range of car safety programs. For example, every year our Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPST) certified employees train hundreds of parents on how to fit child safety seats properly.


From ejection for fighter pilots, blast protection for combat troops to g-force measurement for space explorers, our anthropomorphic test devices (ATDs), or crash test dummies, allow engineers in the aerospace and defense industry to design more advanced systems that protect our brave men and women in the battlefield and beyond. We extend our partnership with the military throughout our community through sponsorships such as our annual commitment with the Detroit Lions hosting the annual Salute-to-Service game, which honors veterans. Through this partnership, we have hosted care-packaging events in our facilities for our troops, participated in chartered honor flights to Washington D.C. with war veterans, and purchased hundreds of tickets for the annual game to give away to local military personnel and their families. We are honored to serve and protect in these small ways those who serve and protect us by sacrificing everything. 



We are our people. Nothing defines us more clearly, and with more passion, than our 1000+ employees across the world. Many of our employees have worked with us for over 20 years. We have been honored as one of Metro Detroit’s “Best and Brightest Companies to Work For”, the “Best and Brightest in Wellness” and the “Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in the Nation.”


We are as committed to greater diversity and representation from every race, gender, and sexual orientation as we are to making all of our employees feel welcome and secure.

Gender & occupant equity

We are launching a program to support women in STEM that will help female engineers and professionals build successful careers at Humanetics.

Gender equity is also an important issue in car safety design. Humanetics has developed a broad range of ATDs that represent women and men, large and small, children of all ages, and devices that can represent the elderly. We are working hard to have those devices used in regulated tests to ensure women, young adults, obese and elderly occupants are no less safe in cars than anyone else.



We are committed to using energy and natural resources efficiently to minimize our impact on the environment.

Waste reduction

Our manufacturing processes are designed to minimize waste products and recycle elements wherever possible.

Energy savings

Our offices and manufacturing facilities are built to the highest environmental standards. We monitor energy consumption to drive continual improvements in energy efficiency which minimizes our carbon footprint. 


Each of our companies promotes effective resource management and recycling throughout their operations.