The UFOmicro - Bridging the gap between full size car and pedestrian test platforms

After developing a product which is specifically designed to cover realistic traffic scenarios involving pedestrians, Humanetics has continued to work relentlessly to develop a new product which supports  OEMs in the quest to protect riders of  Powered Two Wheelers (PTW). Humanetics is excited to welcome the newest addition to the UFO model family, the UFOmicro, which is designed to cover all Global NCAP testing requirements up to 2025 and beyond.

With its size, features, and advantages it fits perfectly within the existing UFO model line-up of UFOpro, UFOpro BlackSeries and UFOnano. With a speed of up to 80 kph, the UFOmicro is engineered to realistically cover PTW behavior.


While driving at high speed, real-life test scenarios can be mimicked. However, using a platform while driving up to 80 kph also comes with some risks, like maintaining a stable steering performance. Being able to manage a platform while  driving a straight line at a high speed has proven to be an important feature that existing platforms have struggled with. With this challenge in mind, Humanetics engineers have designed a solution for this problem into the UFOmicro.

With the incorporation of a four-wheel driving skid, the UFOmicro is engineered to ensure a stable steering performance and reliable control regardless of the driving speed, enabling consistent and replicable execution of test scenarios.

The reliability of the UFOmicro also includes outstanding battery performance. Regardless of warm or cool temperatures, the batteries in the UFOmicro combine long battery life with extremely fast and easy swapping for even longer platform run time. This practical and exclusive UFO feature can be found in all of our existing models. The UFOmicro can easily be integrated with other UFO platform models for synchronized testing using up to ten robots in one scenario. This compatibility enables test engineers to cover realistic test scenarios to further protect PTWs.

With a 10-17 times higher risk of dying in a crash compared to vehicle occupants, the protection of motorcyclists and bicyclists is a very current and important topic. Humanetics is proud to launch the UFOmicro and contribute to making our roads safer for everybody.

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