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Humanetics is a vital partner to the automotive, aviation and military industries to ensure that vehicle occupants, pilots and operators are protected at critical moments.

We design safety test equipment for design engineers at Automotive OEM's, car safety groups and regulators; in aviation and spacecraft design; and in the military vehicle industry to ensure protection from crash and ballistics impact.

We have many partners in government, private and university research laboratories working on simulation, testing and problems where we can bring our expert knowledge of bio mechanics, sensor development and data capture in simulated and physical validation tests.

If you think we might be able to help you create bespoke solutions for your needs, please reach out to us.

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Which ever industry you are from, if you think our products can help advance safety, design and the well being of people through our sensor technology, expertise in biofidelity, anthropomorphic devices, data modeling and virtual simulations, please reach out to us.