Automotive safety for every need

It is humbling to think that every single car on the road today has, at some stage of its development, been tested with one of Humanetics' crash test dummies.

Our name is synonymous with crash test safety. We have long relationships with 100% of OEMs in tier 1 markets and partner closely with every major regulator and car safety group worldwide. Over time, we have developed a complete end-to-end range of crash test dummies, test equipment, sensors and virtual simulation models. These address the needs of all occupants: from testing safety for young babies to reducing injury for the most vulnerable groups like women, the elderly and overweight occupants who are 73-79% more likely to be injured than the average sized man in an accident.

Our ability to service our clients' complete set of needs, gives them the reliability they require in multi million dollar product development programs.

When it comes to automotive safety, there can be no compromise to the rigor we apply to occupant protection.

We provide integrated end to end test solutions

Our full range of ATDs is supported by one of the leading CAE teams so that whenever we develop new physical dummies, they always come with a fully integrated virtual model. We also have integrated active safety, passive safety, Data Acquisition Systems (DAS), and a support supply chain for spare parts to ensure that your teams can continue testing despite unforeseen accidents.

If you would like to understand more about our complete range of products, speak to our sales team about how we can help partner with you.

Our experts are your experts

At Humanetics, your success in developing safer vehicles quickly and confidently is our #1 priority.

We can share our expertise with you in any way to support your testing programs and help you to scale and build capabilities. We have a very flexible approach to servicing our customers. Our services can be delivered to you on location, or our experts can work with you in-house for a period of time to support your team. Our products can be purchased or leased to suit your needs.

We provide easy access to all the technical information you need to select the correct dummy models and instrumentation for every project. We offer the calibration equipment you need to ensure accurate, repeatable results. We supply all the spare parts you need, with expertise for keeping dummies in top condition.

Speak to our sales team about how we can help partner with you.

Crash test dummies for every size, age, and gender

Our range of crash test dummy models represent male, female, and child anatomies. They are used by automotive manufacturers, safety and interiors suppliers, child car seat manufacturers, and regulators in every region of the world. They are used to protect soldiers from deadly weapons of war, to design better ejection seats for pilots, and to measure the effect of space travel on the human body. We offer dummies specifically designed to provide data for different vehicle types, occupant sitting positions, and impact angles to meet the coming autonomous vehicle revolution.

We invest in products long before they are regulated

We are focused on developing solutions that help engineers reduce injury and death for the most vulnerable occupants. We work with some of the leading OEMs with advanced dummies like THOR 5th Female, and the Elderly dummy, because they want to proactively reduce injury rates that are highlighted by national statistics. If you are interested in which occupants are most vulnerable read some of our articles in Perspectives.

The new dawn of autonomous vehicles

We are at the cusp of an exciting new age of mobility and transportation. It will bring many new challenges to ensure occupants, drivers, pilots, and passengers are safe and secure in the event of a crash. If you would like to find out more about how our new THOR AV dummies and our supporting technology is helping OEMs to create the safest generation of vehicles, please speak to our sales teams.

Accident Prevention

Since the dawn of the automotive age, the responsibility for accident prevention has been on the driver—an imperfect human being. Now, with the advent of advanced driver-assistance systems, and with the future of fully autonomous vehicles, automation promises to correct those human imperfections. We provide technologies that are helping to make reliable accident prevention a reality.