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mg-sensor's innovative precision products provide customized solutions for the automotive, medical, manufacturing, and textile industries. Specializing in measuring force, torque, and angular rates, our in-depth knowledge of sensor requirements has allowed us to create a high-quality product backed by the highest level of expertise. Innovative technology, protecting humans in motion.

Our on-board DAS solutions include a full range of necessary components from the Analog-Digital-Module (ADM) to the DAQ-238 family of recorders, to the newest decentralized system, the DAQ-D1.

Our complete portfolio of sensors integrates into ATDs and test vehicles for a crash test laboratory to measure force, torque, and angular rates. 

For measurement technologies, calibration is important to maintain reliability and ensure conformity with applicable regulations. mg-sensor is an accredited calibration laboratory and provides calibration services according to DIN EN ISO/ IEC 17025.

Interview with mg-sensor Founders

Norbert Gehri and Andreas Marroquin sit down with us to discuss mg-sensor’s past, present and where they see mg-sensors moving in the future.

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What's Happening

Humanetics acquires mg-sensor to advance its safety, digital, and sensor vision. This partnership is another milestone as Humanetics brings to life its vision to provide fully integrated solutions with hardware, software, IoT and sensor technologies.

Humanetics' desire to focus safety and technology innovation has led to a simplification of the Humanetics structure and a commitment to drive our capabilities through three divisions that will focus on Digital, Safety and Sensor Technology.

The lineage of the Humanetics organization turns 70 this year, and our mission remains the same. We continue to work with partners all over the globe to explore the wellbeing of critical environments and infrastructure.

Our Family of Organizations

Building on seven decades of crash test dummy innovations to help automotive and transportation engineers ensure a safer future.

Creating data models and simulation software that empowers human centric product design, improves testing and informs decision making.

Unrivaled innovation for load cells, torque sensors, custom strain gage-based sensors and instrumentation for medical, aerospace, and many other industries.

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