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As the world leader in ATD integrations, Humanetics provides the most optimized designs in on-board DAS solutions.

The Humanetics legacy of integrating Anthropomorphic Test Devices (ATDs) with onboard Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) spans over twenty years starting in the mid 1990s with the Intelligent Dummy Data Acquisition System (IDDAS). This first system found itself assimilated into the spine of the Hybrid III 50th ATD with a limited number of channels. Today, as the world leader in integrations, Humanetics’ role in the development of the integrated dummy is well known in the industry and continues to push the boundaries of this technology. A Humanetics iDummy can now exceed 200 channels of available data collection.

The secret to success has been the ability to integrate all types of dummies using any type of DAS for both automotive and military applications. Being a DAS neutral integrator allows Humanetics to utilize the customer’s choice of systems from suppliers like DTS, Kistler, mg Sensor, Messring, and Kyowa. And since the manufacture of dummies and load cells are part of the Humanetics core business, the level of expertise of these integrations provides customers with the assurance that any integrated dummy will seamlessly function and be equal to the non-integrated counterpart in mass, CG, and physical measurements.

THOR Integration

Our integration team surpasses 60+ members incorporating engineers, technicians and expert professionals. This large pool of talent allows Humanetics to implement integration solutions for many other types of instruments including angular rate sensors, accelerometers, potentiometers and pressure sensors into our designs. And once the integration is complete, our worldwide testing facilities are staffed with experienced experts that understand the certifications and calibrations of the ATD.

  • Humanetics DAS integrated ATDs are guaranteed to meet the same specifications and meet all the CG and mass specs with the same kinematics and dynamics as the non-DAS counterpart.
  • Humanetics DAS integrated ATDs have been used by every Government agency in their automotive safety programs.
  • We are DAS Neutral, which means YOU have the choice of which DAS to use for your integration.
  • No one knows how to integrate DAS systems into ATDs like Humanetics!
  • We work with customers and Task Groups to optimize designs and test all changes during the process.
  • We are a global Integration, Service, and Certification provider with an unmatched worldwide network!

With more than 350 integrated dummies and over 30,000 channels worldwide, no one knows the onboard DAS crash test dummy like Humanetics.

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