Humanetics provides a full range of services to install, maintain, calibrate, and certify our crash test equipment.


Our aim is to keep your test operations running to the highest certified standards by providing you with our expertise, products, and partnership when you need it.

We can lease test equipment for specific tests or longer periods of time and we can provide regular maintenance and training for in-house teams, or schedule times to deliver one-off programs tailored to your needs. We also provide a full training program to develop the next generation of engineers in your labs, or a fully outsourced solution with our engineers embedded in your teams on a short term or long-term basis.

We provide two key services to support the Dummy Positioning System and Lab certification.

MoveInspect DPS detects reference adapter targets positioned on the test dummy and uses dynamic referencing which allows the operator to quickly and manually place the dummy into its target position. The DPS software shows the operator the current position of the dummy as well as graphical and numerical deviations in the target position.

Equipment leasing: we offer short-term leasing for the Dummy Positioning System (DPS) used for sled and crash tests. Equipment includes high-resolution digital cameras in industrial housings, variable camera base on movable tripod, IR-LED illumination lighting, wireless, interchangeable probe tips with precision bayonet, and dummy adapter kits.

DPS Training: we can do on-site customer training for the Dummy Positioning System (DPS) used for sled and crash tests. 

DPS Maintenance: we provide mechanical and calibration maintenance for the Dummy Positioning System (DPS) used for sled and crash tests.

The Lab is the brain of the testing operation. We have 65 years experience designing instrumenting and maintaining crash test equipment and we understand how to establish the right procedures, training and pro-active management, to ensure all you equipment is working perfectly.

Lab Management: Humanetics provides elite dummy certification and maintenance contracts globally providing on-site support with a Humanetics crew that is managed by the customer. This service model is very cost effective and gives customers an edge with having the dummy manufacturer present to provide expertise in their own facility.

Lab Evaluation & Consultation: Humanetics Service engineers can evaluate needs and advise on the proper equipment required to meet the most exacting test standards for protocols from across the globe. Humanetics also provides extensive support for our customers in technical areas as well as equipment maintenance and calibration and software analysis to meet changing regulations and customer needs.

Lab Installation: Humanetics professionally installs dummy certification laboratories that are critical to the operation of an automotive test facility. Humanetics provides fully functional labs containing all the required test fixtures, tools, data acquisition systems and software analysis necessary to operate a certification lab. With experience in providing over a hundred full-service dummy certification labs across the globe, Humanetics is the most proficient in launching comprehensive lab facilities for crash test dummies.

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