Helping mitigate the impact of crashes

Pedestrians are among the most vulnerable groups when it comes to road safety. They are at significant risk of leg, thoracic and head injury when struck by a vehicle’s bumper, hood and windshield. In recent years, car makers have made significant progress designing vehicles that minimize these injuries.

Our pedestrian dummies aid automotive designers in developing the forward surfaces of their vehicles, both in shape and impact response, to lessen the injurious effects of a pedestrian impact. These dummies and body components are designed to deliver information about how the body reacts to collisions - its trajectory over or beneath the vehicle and how the shape of the car and hood can minimize or exacerbate injury.

In pedestrian dummies, the lumbar is stiffened for an erect posture and the lumbar bracket is sloped to allow the dummy to lean and put all of its segment centers of gravity approximately over each other. This allows the dummy to stand on its own with 80% of its weight on one leg.

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