Extraordinary protection for extraordinary individuals

Aerospace and military dummies are engineered to cover a range of specialized applications: space flight, civilian fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft testing, military parachutes, crew ejection seat systems and ballistic impact countermeasures. In these applications, there are many scenarios where occupants need protection against extraordinary acceleration, deceleration, collision and environmental forces.

Harnessing the most reliable data

We offer a complete range of aerospace and military dummies for testing any unique safety, protection or countermeasure feature in the most extreme conditions. For example, Humanetics dummies are used to test ejection seats and parachutes. In case of an anticipated aircraft crash, our dummies can be used to measure how a pilot’s arms respond during the extreme sequence of an ejection. And they can help measure the effectiveness of vehicle armor against ballistic impacts.

We also supply astro-dummies to NASA and commercial space programs for testing space suits and rocket design features. We provide dummies for the Joint Primary Aircraft Training System, JPATS, to comply with the sizes and weights of current military pilots—from small females, lightest occupant in service (LOIS), to large males, the large anthropomorphic research dummy (LARD). 

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