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Our online seminars are presented to enable our experts to engage in discussions with the safety community and share the latest industry knowledge on the tools we use daily and ones soon available in the near future.
HBM Connect models

HBM Connect™ - The New Analysis Paradigm

HBM Connect™ was designed with product engineers in mind and its speed and focused application is especially significant as they develop new safety products and navigate new virtual requirements from global NCAPs.
Bob Denton

In Celebration of a Legacy

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the unexpected passing of Robert A. Denton (aka “Bob”) and his wife Sandy on Wednesday, April 26th.
Advanced ATDs

How Newer Advanced Crash Test Dummies Can Help Raise The Bar For Injury Prevention

The legacy dummies that are in most crash test regulations today were conceived 45 years ago and are lacking in some critical measurement capability that can help with injury prediction. Identifying these missing elements into crash testing and dummy design can lead to more accurate injury prediction and help improve vehicle safety designs.
Safety for Every Body

Safety for Every Body in Occupant Protection

Let’s peek behind the curtain to see how processes in the past determined body size considerations for vehicle safety design and what might be required in the future to include even more types of people.