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With 800 employees working out of 13 markets and 21 facilities, ours is one of the deepest brain trusts of vehicle safety.

We partner with every major OEM and have deep connections with the best academic biomechanical engineering departments across the world. So, welcome to our conversations about the latest news, industry development and engineering innovation in the market.


Upcoming Live and On-Demand Webinars

Our online seminars are presented to enable our experts to engage in discussions with the safety community and share the latest industry knowledge on the tools we use daily and ones soon available in the near future.
mg-sensor Founders

Interview with mg-sensor Founders

We sat down with Norbert Gehri and Andreas Marroquin, Founders, and joint Managing Directors of mg-sensor to get some insight into their long careers in sensor innovation.
70th Anniversary

A 70-Year Journey for Humanetics

The lineage of the Humanetics organization turns 70 this year, and our mission remains the same. We continue to work with partners all over the globe to explore the wellbeing of critical environments and infrastructure.

To Thrive We Must Evolve

The new Digital group within the Humanetics business combines our digital, CAE, data modelling, and ergonomic software platforms into a combined family of products.