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Humanetics Digital is the leading provider of finite element ATD models, Human body data models, 3D body scanners, ergonomic simulation software and the world’s largest database of body scans. Our finite element models of Anthropometric Test Devices (ATDs) are precise digital twins of the physical ATDs with incredible material replication. Our ergonomic software RAMSIS,  top 30 OEMs and top 10 industrial vehicle manufacturers worldwide, drives the comfort and safe function of all forms of transportation to ensure they can be operated by everyone. Design for every body

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Avalution and Human Solutions Become One:


Combined Innovation for Best-in-Class Solutions

Our developers have created a portfolio of virtual models for all our crash test dummies that enable engineers to run unlimited iterations of real-world crash tests in virtual simulations.

Our RAMSIS Software combines real 3D populations with precise ergonomic functionality

iSize offers globally unique body dimension data from representative measurement surveys. Paired with our hardware and software helps create solutions for a range of challenges.

Upcoming Events

April 17, 2024

Dr. Hans-Joachim Wirsching will showcase the capabilities of RAMSIS in simulating ingress and egress motions for cars and trucks. 

May 21-22, 2024

peak to our experts to learn how we can help you create a better fit for your customers using our state-of-the-art body scanners and body data database.

June 4-6, 2024

Where design meets human comfort and safety, this conference will explore essential topics like the importance of current anthropometric data, and recent advancements in RAMSIS software like the new Seat Belt Module and the Safety-Tool.

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When a customer enters his (future) car, he expects a lot. And the brand must keep its promise — also in terms of comfort and safe operation.

Wherever compaction is needed, BOMAG is there — for earthworks and asphalt for road, rail and airports, as well as in waste compaction.

China is an economically important market that is increasingly becoming the focus of the clothing industry.

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Building on seven decades of crash test dummy innovations to help automotive and transportation engineers ensure a safer future.

Creating data models and simulation software that empowers human centric product design, improves testing and informs decision making.

Helping customers address unique needs in precision micro-engineering, fiber optics, and sensor design, application and assembly.