Are you ready to pass the new Euro NCAP Grading System for Highway Assist Features?


Euro NCAP has just introduced a new test and assessment protocol to evaluate driver assist systems with the aim of educating consumers about the functionality and reliability of vehicle Highway Assist Features. The new assessment protocol highlights two main areas:

  • Assistance Competence – the balance between the technical competency of the system (Vehicle Assistance) and the extent to which it keeps the driver alert and engaged (Driver Engagement)

  • Safety Backup – the vehicle’s safety net in critical conditions beyond the means of driver engagement

Humanetics is Here to Help You Navigate the New Test & Assessment Protocol

We can support all of the new Euro NCAP scenarios with our state-of-the-art active safety portfolio for high- and low-speed testing on the proving ground. In fact, Euro NCAP utilized Humanetics equipment for their own research trials.

We’ve highlighted two of these scenarios (Cut-In, Cut-Out) below, so you can see how our UFO and Driving Robot are key players in the new test protocol:

active safety cut in scenario
cut out scenario euro ncap

By sharing the same operator software and Master Control Panel, the Humanetics Ultra-Flat Overrunable (UFO) robot platform and Driving Robot can be seamlessly integrated to simulate complex test scenarios; or they can be used independently of one another. For example: while the Driving Robot is essential for the pothole test in the Driver Engagement segment of the new protocol, the UFO can be utilized in all ACC Car-to-Car tests.

The Humanetics UFO is unique in the market as it’s the only robot platform with high-capacity exchangeable batteries, enabling you to run continuous high-speed tests with virtually no downtime. Empty batteries can be swapped for full ones in just a few minutes on-site, and the integrated inertial measurement unit (IMU) retains power during the swap - forgoing the need for platform reinitialization. These efficiencies save your test engineers lots of valuable proving ground time. Note: As shown in the video (below), the GVT dummy car can remain attached to the UFO during battery exchange.

The Humanetics UFO offers full synchronization - with or without the Driving Robot - for outstanding accuracy and repeatability of test scenarios. Created specifically for AD testing, full synchronization includes both longitudinalsynchronization (corrects speed deviations of VUT) and lateral synchronization (corrects lateral position deviations of VUT). With its exemplary longitudinal/lateral accuracy, the Humanetics UFO is the clear choice for Euro NCAP Highway Assist System tests. As you can see from the Test Scenario Overview below, our UFO and Driving Robot can handle a wide range of diverse test scenarios.

Another benefit of the UFO is its high accuracy in windy conditions, thanks to the platform’s specific control algorithms. Not only does this provide you with better test quality and repeatability, but you can rest assured that your operators remain safe in windy conditions as the platform will not deviate from its lateral path.

Looking ahead to the future, the UFO is poised to take on more challenging test scenarios as it already supports higher speeds than are currently required by regulations. Even with a GVT dummy car mounted on top, the UFO has the capability to reach speeds up to 100kph – making it the fastest platform on the market!

If you would like more information about how Humanetics can support you as you adjust to the new Euro NCAP protocol, please contact your local sales representative or email us at [email protected].

For a full description of the protocol, you may download a PDF from the Euro NCAP website at this address: