Humanetics Service Bulletins pertaining to harmonization and commonization efforts focus on using common components, materials, manufacturing processes, and finishes to improve certain aspects of the product performance, simplify ordering and inventory, and gain production efficiencies.

Since the two leading manufacturers of ATDs, First Technologies Safety Systems Inc. (FTSS) and Denton ATD Inc. became subsidiaries of Humanetics Innovative Solutions Inc., the goal of the customer driven Harmonization Task Group (which met monthly in 2011) was to make technical recommendations towards the consolidation of these current brands of ATDs and ATD parts. The intention of the group was not to advocate a particular ATD manufacturer, but rather make technical recommendations regarding harmonizing brands within the newly consolidated manufacturer. No NHTSA documentation changes were recommended. Recommendations were based on adherence to the current drawing packages.

The benefits to the auto industry are to reduce dummy to dummy and crash test to crash test variations for both those who manufacture vehicles as well as those who evaluate them.