Interview with mg-sensor Founders

On June 21st of 2022, Humanetics officially announced that mg-sensor GmbH, specialists in the design and development of high-quality sensors, data acquisition, and calibration services, was joining the Humanetics group. Before this partnership was sealed, Humanetics and mg-sensor had worked together for many years integrating mg-sensor’s technology into Humanetics’ crash test dummies.

Since mg-sensor’s formation in 2011, they have built a very successful business focused on developing advanced custom sensors and providing sensor calibration and repair services.

We sat down with Norbert Gehri and Andreas Marroquin, Founders, and joint Managing Directors of mg-sensor to get some insight into their long careers in sensor innovation, their passions for mg-sensor, and what the future holds for their precision products and technologies.

How long have each of you been working in the Sensor space?

Norbert:  More than 20 years. In 1998 I started to develop strain gauge-based sensors for mechanical engineering and came to the Automotive sector in 2005.

Andreas:  More than 20 years. Since 1997 I’ve been the head of development for different companies

What was missing in the Sensor industry? What drove you to want to make a difference with your products?

Norbert:  We saw a need for a strong and flexible partner with a focus on customer needs. We were also missing premium customer support, fast reaction times, and good problem solver relationship with your customers.

What drove you to build mg-sensor into the value-added company it is today?

Norbert:  I'd say we have customer acquisition and retention because of our flexibility, many years of experience, very good product quality, and long product life cycles.

Andreas:  mg develops, produces and distributes precision products for a wide variety of market requirements. Together we want to achieve excellence and combine this with example, values, ethics, and quality of life.

Any secrets to your success you’d like to share?

Norbert:  A secret/golden rule that everyone should know: -  satisfied customers and employees, reliability, and always keep your the promises made to partners.

How does your company culture and values add to the success of your customers?

Norbert:  Our vision is the link between the meaning of life and corporate profit. It helps to ensure the viability of our company and maintain the quality of life for our employees. The goal was to lead with values and focus on customers and employees.

Andreas:  We lead by example and exemplify the corporate culture. Together with the customer, we will find the best solution.

The secret to success that everyone should know: satisfied customers and employees, reliability, and always keep the promises made to partners.

- Norbert Gehri, Joint Managing Director of mg-sensor

What’s the #1 thing you would like customers to know about mg-sensor?

Norbert:  We are always looking for the best customer solutions combined with the highest requirements.

What’s the biggest achievement you value the most with mg-sensor?

Norbert:  That we’ve assembled a strong, customer-focused team with many years of experience!

Andreas:  Our long-term customer relationships and their satisfaction due to high-quality products and services!

Have there been any challenges in producing and getting your products into the hands of your customers?

Norbert:  Some products require a lot of tact. But in cooperation with our customers, we have mastered everything so far.

Andreas:  Each product is a challenge itself to make sure we deliver the highest quality expected from our customers and ourselves.

What’s your vision for the future as a new part of the Humanetics family?

Norbert:  To be a strong force in the market that offers complete solutions and jointly benefits from each other as we endeavor in critical new projects.

Andreas:  Together we are the best partner for our customer!



Mark Brown

Mark is the Product Marketing Manager at Humanetics Safety and works closely with Engineering and Sales to develop and refine content that is both useful and informative for our industry. With over two decades of experience in crash test dummy product Quality, Technical, Sales, and Marketing, Mark produces a wide range of media and publications including our service bulletins, webinars, editorial articles, and contributes to our marketing collateral.