Hybrid III 95M Pedestrian ATD


  • Standard ATD 880995-0000-P-H
  • Pedestrian Conversion Kit 880995-PEDKIT-H

The Hybrid III 95th Male Pedestrian dummy was developed to test vehicle-to-pedestrian interactions. It is based on the Hybrid III 95th Male Automotive crash test dummy with modifications to the lower torso, upper legs and knees. 

Non-automotive applications for this test dummy include equipment and injury potential studies of recreation vehicles, wheelchairs, medical equipment and sports gear.

    Key Features
    • Head, Neck, Upper Torso, Arms: Hybrid III 95th Male. 
    • Lower torso sit-stand construction, straight lumbar spine replacing curved spine for erect posture instead of driver “slouch”.
    • Legs modified Hybrid III 95th Male with rotating buttocks to allow vertical posture.  
    • Knee sliders replaced with blocks to allow rotation only.
    SEATED HEIGHT 934.7 mm 36.8 in
    TOTAL WEIGHT 101.2 kg 223.1 lb

    Vehicle-to-pedestrian interaction testing.

    For a full list of model regulations, please contact a member of the Humanetics team.

    Head, Upper Torso, Lower Torso Axyz Upper Neck Fxyz, Mxyz Pelvis ASIS Lower Fx Thorax Dx
    Femur Axyz Lower Neck Fxyz, Mxyz Femur Left and Right Fxyz, Mxyz
    Lower Leg Axyz Thoracic Spine Fxz, My Knee Clevis Left and Right Fxz, Fxz
    Lumbar Fxz, My Upper Tibia Left and Right Fxz, Mxy
    Pelvis ASIS Upper Fx Lower Tibia Left and Right Fxz, Mxy

    Finite Element Model currently not available. If you are interested in this model please contact our regional sales representatives.