aPLI Legform

  • Standard Legform 233-5000-S18

The advanced Pedestrian Legform Impactor (aPLI) is the latest pedestrian crash testing tool representing a 50th percentile male leg which simulates the flexible nature of the human leg bones and is used for the assessment of knee, upper and lower leg injuries.

The aPLI improves on the Flex-PLI’s groundbreaking technology by adding a Simplified Upper Body Part (SUBP) which adds ballast to the leg to simulate the human upper-body mass for enhanced kinematics. The SUBP also allows for femur injury to be assessed and provides for the placement of a Data Acquisition System (DAS). To make the aPLI’s biofidelity and sensitivity more human-like, the leading experts in the field led by JSAE and the ISO/TC22/SC36/WG5&WG6 working group also redesigned the knee, rerouted ligament cables, and incorporated a polyurethane flesh to further help with mass distribution and biofidelic response.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standard Build Level B (SBL-B) was introduced in April of 2020 and adds a bumper to the aPLI to create initial negative femur bending to reduce unnatural high moments. The aPLI has a standard instrumentation count of 18 channels of strain, angular rate, displacement, and acceleration measurement capability with the potential to incorporate additional channels.

    Key Features
    • Standard leg instrumentation has 18 channels
    • Upper mass (SUBP) representing the torso to enhance kinematics and assess femur injury
    • Significantly redesigned more humanlike knee and leg profile
    • Additional instrumentation
    • Applicability for oblique impacts against wider test area
    • Improved bone/flesh mass distribution
    LEG LENGTH 1,106 mm 43.5 in
    SUBP ASSEMBLY WEIGHT 11.8 kg 26 lb
    FEMUR ASSEMBLY WEIGHT 2.05 kg 4.5 lb
    KNEE ASSEMBLY WEIGHT 2.64 kg 5.8 lb
    TIBIA ASSEMBLY WEIGHT 2.17 kg 4.8 lb
    FLESH, COVERS, VELCRO WEIGHT 5.84 kg 12.9 lb
    TOTAL WEIGHT 24.5 kg 54 lb

    Vehicular pedestrian lower leg and knee testing.

    C-NCAP Pedestrian Safety Testing Jan 2022
    Euro NCAP Pedestrian Safety Testing Jan 2023
    KNCAP Pedestrian Safety Testing Jan 2023
    JNCAP Pedestrian Safety Testing Jan 2024
    C-IASI Future Pedestrian Safety Testing
    SUBP, XYZ SUBP, XYZ Femur, Upper, My Knee, MCL, PCL, ACL Elogation
    Knee, Y Knee, Angular Velocity Femur, Middle, My
    Femur, Lower, My
    Tibia, Upper, My
    Tibia, Middle, My
    Tibia, Lower, My
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