Empowering Proving Ground Testing for Superior Safety and Efficiency

TrackBase Connect offers an efficient solution for organizing and optimizing active safety testing on the proving ground. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, it enables seamless management of test scenarios, resources, and data, empowering you to maximize productivity and drive better results.


Test engineers specializing in ADAS testing and active safety are encountering a mounting challenge as the demand for comprehensive testing continues to escalate. With advancements in technology and evolving safety regulations, the complexity of these tests is increasing significantly. Consequently, engineers are confronted with resource limitations and a pressing need for a holistic testing solution. Without such a solution in place, meeting the growing demand, ensuring thorough testing coverage, and delivering precise and reliable results become increasingly difficult. To address this challenge, it is imperative to invest in advanced testing solutions that can effectively streamline and automate the testing process, enabling engineers to meet industry demands with accuracy and efficiency.


TrackBase Connect offers a range of professional benefits for our valued customers in the field of ADAS testing. With improved area usage, multiple test teams can efficiently work in parallel, optimizing the utilization of testing areas and enabling seamless alternation of the same space. The platform seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure components such as weather stations, traffic lights, road lights, rain generators, access gates, mesh WiFi, and road condition monitoring systems, ensuring comprehensive data collection and analysis.


Enhanced coordination between teams is facilitated through shared status updates on testing teams, driving devices, and scenario area usage, providing a holistic overview of hazard and non-hazard areas. The built-in chat feature fosters seamless communication and collaboration among team members, proving ground personnel, and other stakeholders. Furthermore, TrackBase Connect enables the integration of third-party ADAS equipment that complies with the ISO22133 standard, ensuring compatibility and expanding the range of testing capabilities. Finally, the platform's bidirectional integration with proven proving ground management systems like Mm-lab and Rajd further enhances operational efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Improved Area Usage: Revolutionizing the way teams operate on the proving ground. Parallel test teams now share area utilization, enabling easy coordination and communication. With real-time status updates, scenario area usage insights, and integrated chat functionalities, collaboration among team members and other departments is seamless.

  • Enhanced Proving Ground Efficiency: Our solution is designed to optimize proving ground utilization. Through improved coordination and shared resources, we maximize the efficiency of testing activities. This not only saves valuable time but also boosts productivity across the board.

  • Integration Options: Seamlessly integrate your test equipment (ISO22133-compliant Target Carriers) and vehicles. The integration extends to infrastructure equipment like traffic lights, street lights, weather stations, and more. This consolidation into a single solution streamlines operations and enhances accuracy.

  • Visualization for Optimal Usage: The power of visualization comes to the forefront with our solution. By providing a clear overview of ongoing activities and resource allocation, you're empowered to make informed decisions for optimal proving ground usage. This transparency drives efficient planning and execution.

  • Elevated Testing Experience: Extend the advantages of our solution to your customers. Offer them access to your equipment and infrastructure, enhancing their testing experience. This collaborative approach fosters stronger partnerships and opens new avenues for growth.


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