UFOpro with openings to view components of test device
UFOpro top view
UFOpro exploded view to show individual pieces of test device
UFOpro with car Dummy

UFOpro (Ultra-Flat Overrunable Robot Platform)

Our Ultra-Flat Overrunable (UFO) robot platform delivers a versatile and low-maintenance solution for your active safety testing needs. The UFO is remotely controlled with a Global Vehicle Target (GVT) or vulnerable road user (VRU) dummy attached to the top. Its stability and low profile allow you to run fully autonomous testing on the latest collision mitigation features with maximum accuracy and repeatability without risking damage to the test vehicles or driver.

The Standard UFOpro is designed for global regulatory ADAS testing and has a great degree of flexibility with optional add-ons such as the Arrow Ramp, which can be swapped with the standard front ramp for side impact tests, and the VRU Kit, a mounting platform for linear trajectory tests with pedestrian and bicycle dummies.

    Key Features
    • Low overrun height of 98mm
    • Single central cover plate can be easily removed for access to all internal components
    • Anti-lock braking system (ABS) for increased performance and longer tire life available
    • Swappable batteries allow continuous testing with no downtime for recharge
    • Removable ramps simplify transportation and storage
    • 100% waterproof system lets you run tests in adverse weather conditions 
    • UFO-Base software enables one operator to monitor up to nine UFOs simultaneously
    • Available for purchase or rental
    • Overrunable by passenger and commercial vehicles
    • Easy to transport
    • Ready for on-board V2X hardware
    <strong>Overall Dimensions</strong> 2950 mm (L) x 1690 mm (W) x 98 mm (H) 116.1 in (L) x 66.5 in (W) x 3.9 in (H)
    <strong>Total Weight</strong> 120 kg (core) | 240kg (test-ready) 264.6 lb (core) | 529.1 lb (test-ready)
    <strong>Maximum Speed</strong> 80 kph 50 mph
    <strong>Maximum Acceleration</strong> 0-72 kph: 1.4 m/s<sup>2</sup> 0-44.7 mph: 4.6 fps
    <strong>Maximum Controlled Deceleration</strong> 50-0 kph: controlled 6 m/s<sup>2</sup> 31.1-0 mph: controlled 19.7 fps
    <strong>Maximum Overrun Weight</strong> 1500 kg per wheel / 3600 kg with optional heavy duty upgrade
    <strong>Compatible Dummies</strong> GVT – VRU (with add-on)
    <strong>Speed Control Accuracies</strong> 0.2 kph 0,12 mph



    • Test scenario generation – selection: intuitive GUI guides the user through the selection of predefined scenarios or in the creation of new ones.
    • Test scenario execution: the Humanetics UFObase software functions as a control center for up to 9 Humanetics active safety robots. This allows very complex traffic simulation scenarios where multiple vehicles are synchronized to each other to assess Performance.
    • Test evaluation: tailored test evaluation solutions are available within the Humanetics software portfolio. The software contains integrated evaluation software with AVL Euro NCAP Evaluation Suite as an upgrade option. All test data can be output over CAN for customer convenience. 
    • ADAS testing (EuroNCAP approved tool)
      • Automatic Emergency Braking, Car-to-Car / AEB C2C
      • Automatics Emergency Braking, Vulnerable Road User / AEB VRU (with arm extension)
      • Forward Collision Warning, Car-to-Car / FCW C2C
      • Forward Collision Warning, Vulnerable Road User / FCW VRU (with arm extension)
      • Electronic Lane Keeping / ELK (oncoming – overtaking)
      • Automatic Emergency Steering / AES
      • Emergency Steering Support / ESS
      • Rear Automatic Braking
      • Blind Spot Detection
      • Blind Spot Intervention
      • Pedestrian Automatic Emergency Braking (with arm extension)
      • Intersection Safety Assist
      • Opposing Traffic Safety Assist
      • Traffic Jam Assist
      • And more…
    • AV testing
      • Customizable traffic scenarios
      • Pedestrian protection
      • Edge case testing
    ADR 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-E
    ANCAP 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-E
    Asean NCAP 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-E
    China Regulations 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-E
    C-NCAP 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-E
    Euro NCAP Euro NCAP MPDB
    FMVSS Standard No. 208 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-E
    GTR 7 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-E
    IIHS 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-E
    JNCAP 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-E
    KNCAP 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-E
    UN R94 Euro NCAP MPDB
    Motion Data Generation High precision DGNSS unit collects motion data during test execution
    Motion Data Output After each test the motion data is synchronized and saved into a result file. The user can choose to evaluate the tests based on the generated result file or to use the pre-defined evaluation software that Humanetics developed in combination with AVL.
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