Humanetics has developed its leg forms both as independent body segments and as components of full dummies. In both these forms, they are used to record and evaluate the effects of leg to vehicle interaction. We offer a variety of models including the new THOR-LX, TRL, Flex-PLI (Flexible Pedestrian Legform Impactor), and the MIL-LX legform for military testing applications.

Our FLEX PLI simulates the flexible nature of the human bone. It is fired from a linear guide into the bumper of a static vehicle at 40 km/hr for the assessment of pedestrian lower leg and knee injuries. The primary advantage to using our Flex PLI and TRL leg forms in pedestrian impact testing is to evaluate the effects of leg-vehicle impacts—including data on bone bending and ligament dislocation at the knee—under controlled kinematic conditions, without variable input from the entire dummy body.