UFOnano with pedestrian dummy attached on top


Our UFOnano was developed to fill the need for a smaller ADAS evaluation tool capable of executing complex, realistic vulnerable road user scenarios. It fits all commonly-used VRU dummies and will also support the next generation of highly-sophisticated human replicas.  

This versatile new device features the same familiar design as the standard Humanetics UFO, but its compact size allows it to drive a curve in every radius and even turn on the spot. It can easily accommodate a pedestrian test dummy with a shoulder width footprint barely larger than that of a real person, allowing multiple dummies to ‘swarm’ together shoulder to shoulder and mimic individualized behavior.  

As with all members of the UFO family, the UFOnano is overrunable and has the advantage of high-capacity, swappable batteries. Despite the compact size, its robust construction enables diverse scenarios to be carried out with excellent stabilty, while the integrated RTK-GPS system ensures spot-on accuracy.

    Key Features
    • Hot Swappable Batteries (2 minute swap time without loosing GNSS)
    • Speeds up to 20 kph
    • RTK-GPS system for high accuracy
    • On-the-spot turning for realistic pedestrian behavior
    • Integrated with UFObase control environment for complex testing 
    • Robust and waterproof
    • Cable-free
    • Simple and reliable design
    • Robust metal construction with ultra-low radar cross-section 
    • Special stealth outer shell design for optimized radar signature 
    • Designed to accommodate both current and future ATD generations
    • Shoulder-to-shoulder testing to 500 mm
    • Versatile modular build consisting of robot plus an exchangeable appendix to allow for different footprints
    • Seamless integration with Humanetics active safety product family for synchronized testing
    Preliminary Technical Data (subject to change)
    <strong>Accuracy</strong> Up to 3 cm
    <strong>Acceleration</strong> 2m/s² incl. Euro NCAP approved adult pedestrian dummy mounted
    <strong>Deceleration</strong> 2m/s² incl. Euro NCAP approved adult pedestrian dummy mounted
    <strong>Waterproof</strong> Splash water protected
    <strong>Dimensions</strong> 700x800 mm, diamond design
    <strong>Chassis Height</strong> 20-65mm
    <strong>Maximum Speed</strong> 20 kph
    <strong>Weight</strong> 25 kg
    <strong>Battery</strong> 2x hot swappable batteries
    <strong>Chassis</strong> Split design (drive unit/mounting unit)
    <strong>Motor</strong> 2x electric high power density motors
    <strong>Drive System</strong> Differential drive with turn on spot
    <strong>GNSS</strong> Dual antenna RTK
    <strong>Communication</strong> WiFi with hardware acceleration
    <strong>Control Software</strong> UFObase 3.5
    <strong>Remote Control</strong> Master control panel with HD display
    <strong>Capabilities</strong> Multi-UFO / Swarm testing
    <strong>Maximum Overrun Weight</strong> 1000kg (3500kg)
    <strong>RCS</strong> Diamond shape, optimized according ACEA/Euro NCAP requirements
    <strong>Pedestrian ACEA Dummy</strong> Mounting according ACEA 25mm ground clearance
    <strong>Bicycle Dummy</strong> Yes
    <strong>Other VRU Dummies</strong> With flexible interface on request or customer self-adaptation
    <strong>Onboard Communication Interface</strong> Ethernet RJ45 socket



    The software platform is fully integrated into the Humanetics UFO Base Control environment for complex testing using up to nine robots from the Humanetics family. 

    • ADAS testing
      • Automatics Emergency Braking, Vulnerable Road User / AEB VRU
      • Forward Collision Warning, Vulnerable Road User / FCW VRU
      • Automatic Emergency Steering / AES VRU
      • Emergency Steering Support / ESS VRU
      • Pedestrian Automatic Emergency Braking
      • And more…
    • AV testing
      • Customizable traffic scenarios
      • Pedestrian protection
      • Edge case testing
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