UFOnano, UFO platform on street scene

UFOmicro and UFOnano officially approved by Euro NCAP


With an extensive active safety portfolio, spanning the range from the UFOpro to the UFOmicro, the UFOnano and the DrivingRobot, Humanetics is providing its customers the full scope of ADAS test robots.

During a live workshop in June, suppliers had the chance to showcase their Powered Two Wheeler (PTW) platforms and features at the ADAC proving ground.  After careful consideration and evaluation, Euro NCAP has now announced the results of this event. All Humanetics platforms are now approved by Euro NCAP and listed in TB029, meaning that they can be used in official AEB Euro NCAP test scenarios.

We are incredibly proud of our work and the recognition by Euro NCAP that all our platforms are now officially approved for Euro NCAP tests.

-Markus Schmidl, Humanetics’ Global Director of Active Safety Sales

UFOpro and UFOpro BlackSeries have already been approved for usage with the Global Vehicle Target (GVT).

The UFOmicro is now approved for usage with the European Motorcycle Target (EMT) and also for the Adult, Child and Bicyclist Target, using the VRU extension. The UFOmicro is a great fit for all vulnerable road users (VRU), and due to its speed of up to 90km/h, also for PTW testing beyond the Euro NCAP requirements.

Chart showing Humanetics safety platforms that are approved by EURO NCAP

With the Euro NCAP approval, the UFOnano is now the world’s smallest platform robot for VRU tests listed in TB029, as well as the only one that has the ability to turn on spot. This allows the small, handy, state-of-the-art nano robot to  replace the previous rope pulling systems offering realistic 2D maneuvers for realistic pedestrian behavior.

The UFOmicro and the UFOnano listing in TB029 is opening new opportunities for active safety testing, and we are excited to be able to provide this state-of-the-art active safety test equipment.

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Anne Raab

Anne is the Marketing Lead for Humanetics Safety in Europe, residing in the beautiful city of Heidelberg, Germany. She works closely with both our Passive and Active Safety teams to bring the latest events and communications to the industry.