HBM Connect™ - The New Analysis Paradigm

HBM Connect™ was designed with product engineers in mind and its speed and focused application is especially significant as they develop new safety products and navigate new virtual requirements from global NCAPs.

Safety for Every Body in Occupant Protection

Let’s peek behind the curtain to see how processes in the past determined body size considerations for vehicle safety design and what might be required in the future to include even more types of people.

The Safe System Approach

The Safe System Approach is based on the recognition that people will make mistakes, but the consequences of those mistakes can be mitigated through the design of the systems in which they operate.

Interview with mg-sensor Founders

We sat down with Norbert Gehri and Andreas Marroquin, Founders, and joint Managing Directors of mg-sensor to get some insight into their long careers in sensor innovation.

A 70-Year Journey for Humanetics

The lineage of the Humanetics organization turns 70 this year, and our mission remains the same. We continue to work with partners all over the globe to explore the wellbeing of critical environments and infrastructure.