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Our professional team at Humanetics facility in Linz, Austria has over 20 years of experience building the essential test equipment for Active Safety technology.

The facility sits at the heart of the European automobile industry, and our team has long been a preferred partner of pioneering OEMs developing cutting edge safety technology.

Today’s critical elements of Active Safety are Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS. These new technologies, such as blind-spot detection, automatic lane changing and automatic braking, are designed to help drivers avoid accidents and are becoming common in almost all new car models. 

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of Active Safety test equipment including ultra flat overrunable (UFO) platform robots, soft target vehicles and self-driving driving robots. The remote operated, GPS enabled UFO system allows vehicle manufacturers to test the latest advanced crash avoidance systems in real-world scenarios.  Our products are designed by practitioners and are built to the highest quality to be durable in crash after crash; easy to transport to different locations; and come fitted with removable batteries to allow for uninterrupted testing.

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