• Standard P3/4 9MO K.AI
  • Standard P1.5 18MO Z.AI
  • Standard P3 3YO L.AI
  • Standard P6 6YO M.AI
  • Standard P10 10YO N.AI

In the mid-seventies, the United Nations' group of experts on passive safety started to work on requirements for child restraint systems. The work resulted in ECE-Regulation 44: "Uniform provisions concerning the approval of restraining devices for child occupants of power-driven vehicles" that entered into force in 1982. An ad-hoc group was asked to develop a series of child dummies for this regulation. Originally, the regulation described 4 child dummies including the P¾ (9 months), P3 (3 years), P6 (6 years), and P10 (10 years). In 1988, a 5th dummy was added representing a newborn child, the P0 and in 1995 the 18-month-old child dummy was developed (P1½).

These six dummies are known as the TNO P-series of child dummies. The dimensions and mass distribution of the dummies represent those of 50th percentile children of their respective ages.

P-Dummies are designed in these sizes; P¾ 9MO, P1½ 18MO, P3 3YO, P6 6YO, P10 10YO

    Key Features
    • The P¾, P3, P6 and P10 dummies consist of a head, neck, torso assembly, lumbar vertebrae assembly, abdomen, upper and lower arms (left and right) and upper and lower legs (left and right).
    • Two standard locations for accelerometers in the head cavity and at the back of the torso.
    • P¾ and P3 dummies have 3-channel and 6-channel neck load transducers available.
    • All dummies are supplied with two pieces of modelling clay for evaluation of abdominal penetration.
    P3/4 Sitting Height 460 mm 18.1 in
    P3/4 Full Length 710 mm 28 in
    P11/2 Sitting Height 495 mm 19.5 in
    P11/2 Full Length 820 mm 32.3 in
    P3 Sitting Height 550 mm 21.7 in
    P3 Full Length 985 mm 38.8 in
    P6 Sitting Height 635 mm 25 in
    P6 Full Length 1,170 mm 46.1 in
    P10 Sitting Height 730 mm 28.7 in
    P10 Full Length 1,385 mm 54.5 in
    • Vehicular frontal and side child restraint systems.
    United Nations Economic Commission for Europe UNECE-Regulation 44
    Linear Accels Load Cells
    P3/4 & P3 Head Ax, Ay, Az
    P3/4 & P3 Neck Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz
    P3/4 & P3 Thorax A, Ay, Az
    P1.5 Head Ax, Ay, Az
    P1.5 Neck Upper Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz
    P1.5 Neck Lower Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz
    P1.5 Neck Lumbar Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz
    P1.5 Thorax Ax, Ay, Az
    P1.5 Pelvis Ax, Ay, Az

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