CAMI Child Dummy

CAMI Mark I & II

  • Standard Newborn ATD DTL-SA100N
  • Standard 6MO ATD SA100I001-FT

The CAMI (Civil Aeronautical Medical Institute) Newborn Infant and 6-Month-Old Infant ATDs were developed for the evaluation of child restraint systems as defined in CFR 49, Part 571, Standard No. 213.

The dummies consist of steel and aluminum weights attached to leather skeletons wrapped in layers of foam padding and covered with a stitched cloth outer shell.

The CAMI Dummy is based entirely upon the data package released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This package Memorandum includes (1) Report AAC-1 19-74-14, Revision 11, prepared by Richard F. Chandler. Protection and Survival Laboratory, Civil Aeromedical Institute, Aeronautical Center, Federal Aviation Administration, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, (b) A full set of CAMI drawings of this device. The dummy conforms strictly to this data package.

    Key Features
    • Nominally 50th percentile infant
    • Leather skeleton
    • Ballast blocks attached to the head, upper and lower arms, upper and lower parts of the torso and upper and lower legs to approximate the mass distribution of the corresponding infant
    • Flesh consists of polyurethane foam padding
    • Covered in marine canvas
    NEWBORN Head Circumference 35.306 cm 13.9 in
    NEWBORN Chest Circumference 35.179 cm 13.9 in
    NEWBORN Standing Height 50.419 cm 19.9 in
    NEWBORN Total Weight 3.38 kg 7.5 lb
    6-MONTH OLD Head Circumference 43.18 cm 17 in
    6-MONTH OLD Waist Circumference 44.45 cm 17.5 in
    6-MONTH OLD Seated Height 44.45 cm 17.5 in
    6-MONTH OLD Standing Height 66.68 cm 26.3 in
    6-MONTH OLD Total Weight 7.89 kg 17.4 lb
    • Vehicular frontal and side child restraint systems. ASTM Standard Consumer Safety Specifications.
    FMVSS Standard No. 213 NHTSA 49CFR, Part 572, Subpart D NHTSA 49CFR, Part 572, Subpart K
    Standard Consumer Safety Specifications ASTM F2088-15, ASTM F2167-16, ASTM F3084-16 ASTM F404-16, ASTM F833-15, ASTM F2012-16, ASTM F2088-15, ASTM F2167-16, ASTM F2194-16, ASTM F3084-16

    Finite Element Model currently not available. If you are interested in this model please contact our regional sales representatives.