The THOR-5F Advanced Female Frontal Impact Dummy Leads the Way to Greater Occupant Safety


Today, it's becoming well known that the current staple of female crash test dummies are not representative of the unique physiology of women. We desperately need to consider the risks that are characteristic for women and design test dummies around that criterion.

Armed with this awareness and knowledge, what are our next steps? Research and development is certainly important in discovering new ways to protect women in automobiles, but regulation is key to getting the industry on-board and consistent. That regulation also needs the correct tools to do this evaluation. We need test devices that are not adaptations of a male device. We also need a more sophisticated ATD for assessing whole-body trauma in a variety of occupant restraint environments.

Taking a first step is always critical, and that gateway should be a test device already available today - the THOR-5F advanced female frontal impact dummy. She’s designed from actual female anthropometry data, which means she has a female form, not that of her male counterpart. Her technology is the most advanced ever produced, derived from the THOR architecture of advanced human mechanics. Plus, she has 150 sensor channels that are designed to help address those parts of the body where women have increased vulnerability to injury. All solid reasons to put her to work today!

Evening out the odds for female protection in automotive crashes mean that the death of up to 1,342 mothers, daughters, spouses, and loved ones could be prevented in one year alone. Using National Safety Council (NSC) estimates, these preventable tragedies translate to an economic cost of over $2 billion in 2018.[1] The non-economic costs are immeasurable.

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February 17, 2022

In this session, we’re going to refresh our examination of the female THOR including the latest product design updates, model versions, DAS solutions, and where she’s headed with global safety programs.

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[1] National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. “Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS).” Accessed March 2020.