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We would love to hear from you about your recent experiences with Humanetics! If you can take a minute to give us feedback and tell us if we gave you a great experience or if we need to improve upon some things, it will help us continue our service and product improvements!

Why Take Our Surveys?

We know it takes effort on your part to give feedback, and we take the effort to listen very seriously. Change isn't always quick, but assuring our customers are satisfied and get the best experience possible is a top priority. Although we are still a growing business, we're not too large to review and read every response we get! And we make sure the correct people in our organization receive your feedback. We will always appreciate hearing from our extraordinary and valuable customers and working to make their experience even better!

Pick Your Survey


Our Customer Service and Sales teams strive to be as efficient and helpful as possible. How was your quotation and ordering experience? Did your representative answer all of your questions in a timely manner? Was your technical support to your satisfaction? Tell us about your experience whether you enjoy working with us or have some suggestions for approvement!


ATD Certifications are critical services for our customers that require meticulous processes and the utmost accuracy. How was your ATD recertification from one of our certified service hubs? Please let our ATD Service department know your feedback on the quality of your service!


Sensor Calibrations ensure your measurement device is performing accurately and with the precision required for vital data integrity. How was your Sensor Calibration from one of our certified service hubs? Please let our Calibration Service department know your feedback on the quality of your service!


Our Repair and Remold services are designed to give our customers quality options for extending the life of their products. How is your refurbished ATD dummy component, or sensor performing?


New Product quality is imperative for any successful testing process utilizing the advanced tools Humanetics provides. How is your complete ATD, dummy component, or new sensor performing? We want to know how well your products are functioning and what suggestions for improvements you may have!

At Humanetics, we take your privacy seriously, using your information to only provide communications you have requested from us. We will never sell personal data to 3rd parties. Click here for full details of our privacy policy.