E-Liner Flex-Zert

The E-Liner FLEX ZERT is an electrically-driven test rig used for the certification of the legform impactor FLEX PLI GTR. With the E-Liner FLEX ZERT, both the inverse test as well as the pendulum test can be performed with precise repeatability.

During the pendulum test, the FLEX PLI GTR impactor is automatically lifted up along with an additional weight in at one end, and then falls freely against the impact wedge. During the inverse test, a linear guided impactor is fired acc. to GTR9 to strike the FLEX PLI GTR impactor.

Together with the FLEX STATIC, all relevant FLEX PLI GTR certification tests are covered. The dynamic certification of the TRL upper and lower legform can also be performed. 

Additionally with the according upgrade for the aPLI, the E-Liner Flex-Zert can also perform certification tests for the aPLI.

    Key Features
    • Performance of pendulum tests as well as inverse tests
    • Ability to quickly switch between tests
    • Excellent repeatability
    • Simple operation
    DIMENSIONS 3200.0 x 850.0 x 1400.0 mm 126.0 x 33.5 x 55.1 in

    Drive: Electro-linear motor

    Connection power: 400 V, 32 A

    Maximum speed: 11.5 m/s

    Repeatability: +/-0.05 km/h

    Winding of the Flex during the pendulum test: Automatic

    Control: Siemens

    For a full list of model regulations, please contact a member of the Humanetics team.