EMIT (Ejection Mitigation Headform)

Universal M with

E-Liner EMIT Launcher (Ejection Mitigation)

The E-Liner system is the only solution capable of meeting your test speed requirements with an accuracy in the hundredths of kph – without preliminary tests.

E-Liner EMIT is used in Ejection Mitigation tests according to FMVSS226 and is available as a module for the E-Liner Universal M positioning unit.

    Key Features
    • No preliminary tests needed
    • Virtually maintenance-free due to the frictionless drive unit
    • Jerk-free acceleration
    • Clearly-designed and user-friendly operating interface
    POSITIONING UNIT DIMENSIONS (approximate) 4100.0 x 4270.0 x 3700.0 mm 161.4 x 168.1 x 145.7 in
    POSITIONING UNIT TRAVERSE PATHS (x/y/z, vehicle coord. system) 1800.0 x 1500.0 x 1500.0 mm 70.9 x 59.1 x 59.1 in
    EMIT MODULE GUIDING UNIT DIMENSIONS (incl. head impactor) 1,360 mm 53.5 in
    EMIT MODULE GUIDING UNIT DIMENSIONS (extended position) 2,160 mm 85 in
    FREE MOVEMENT 450 m 17716.5 in

    Power: 100% electrically driven, 400 V, 32 A

    Guided Mass Incl. Headform: 18 +/- 0,05 kg

    Suspension: Radial ball bearings Test Speed: 1 – 27 km/h

    Launcher Speed Accuracy: +/- 0,1 km/h

    Trigger Reproducibility: +/- 1 ms

    Friction in y-Direction (Shaft Loaded with 100 kg): Max. 130 N

    Static Deflection in all Directions (Shaft Loaded with 100 kg): < 10,5 mm

    Displacement Measurement: There are two potentiometers installed. One potentiometer is used for the data acquisition system. The other potentiometer is used for a digital display that is mounted above the EMIT module. This display shows the actual position of the impactor and is very helpful for the operator for finding the correct starting position of the launcher.

    Headform rotation: Can be rotated manually 360° by increments of 5°

    Rotation of EMIT Guiding Unit for Misuse-Tests: For calibration purposes, the guiding unit can be rotated manually 360° by increments of 90°



    Power: 100% electrically driven, 400 V, 32 A



    Software: Siemens

    Operating Interface: Intuitive and user-friendly

    For a full list of model regulations, please contact a member of the Humanetics team.