Neck Pendulum

Neck Pendulum Test Stand

  • Standard Fixture TF-200-0000

The Humanetics Neck Pendulum Test Stand is a complete system used for the calibration and testing of neck and lumbar assemblies of crash test dummies. The body segments are tested in flexion, extension, torsion, and lateral modes. The neck or lumbar performance specifications for these tests are velocity at impact, pendulum acceleration, pendulum velocity, rotation, forces, and moments. 

The pendulum is compliant with specifications as written in the United States Code of Federal Regulation, Title 49, Part 572 relating to weight, center-of-gravity, moment of inertia, and mounting location of the pendulum accelerometer.

    Key Features
    • ‘A’ frame welded steel structure
    • Dummy specific interface adapters
    • Structural back stop
    • Infrared velocity measurement system
    • Digital drop height/angle Indicator
    • Power pull lifting system
    OVERALL DIMENSIONS 2.4 x 0.9 x 4.0 m 96.1 x 35.4 x 157.5 in
    TOTAL WEIGHT 734.8 kg 1620 lb
    FOOTPRINT/WORK AREA 4.0 x 1.5 m 157.5 x 59.8 in
    • Hybrid III Adult and Child Dummy Family
    • Hybrid II Adult and Child Dummy Family
    • CRABI Child Dummy Family
    • Side Impact Dummy Family
    • Q-Dummy Family
    • THOR Dummy Family
    Hybrid II 50th Percentile Male (SA150M070) 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-B
    3-Year-Old Child (SA-103C-001) 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-C
    Hybrid III 50th Percentile Male 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-E
    6-Year-Old Child (SA-106C-001) 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-I
    SID/Hybrid III 50th Percentile Male 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-M
    Hybrid III 6-Year-Old Child 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-N
    Hybrid III 5th Percentile Female 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-O
    Hybrid III 3-Year-Old Child 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-P
    CRABI 12-Month-Old Child 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-R
    Hybrid III 10-Year-Old 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-T
    ES-2re Side Impact Male Dummy 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-U
    SID-IIs Side Impact Female Dummy 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-V
    THOR-5F 474-9901 Qualification Manual
    THOR-50M THOR-50M Qualification Manual
    WorldSID 5F Dummy W5-9900 WorldSID 5th User Manual
    WorldSID 50M Dummy W50-9900 WorldSID 50M User Manual
    Q0 Child Dummy 047-9900 User Manual Q0
    Q1 Child Dummy 036-9900 User Manual Q1
    Q1.5 Child Dummy 048-9900 User Manual Q1.5
    Q3 Child Dummy 020-9905 User Manual Q3
    Q6 Child Dummy 033-9900 User Manual Q6
    • Uni-Axial Accelerometer
    • Dummy Specific Load Cell(s)
    • Dummy Specific Angular Rate Sensor(s)
    • Dummy Specific Rotary Potentiometers