ATD Measurement Stand
ATD Measurement Stand

ATD Measurement Stand

  • Standard Fixture TF-1300

The Humanetics ATD Measurement Stand is designed to check physical measurements of the complete Hybrid III ATD product line seated in the upright position. These measurements are outlined in the respective ATD drawing packages. The measurement Stand is equipped with plates that may be added or removed to accommodate the various dummies.

    Key Features
    • Head to seat back spacer blocks for the Hybrid III family and the CRABI 
    • Adjustable seat bottom to accommodate the Hybrid III family and the CRABI 
    • Adjustable dummy restraint straps 
    • Leveling feet
    OVERALL DIMENSIONS 50.8 x 50.8 x 147.3 cm 20.0 x 20.0 x 58.0 in
    TOTAL WEIGHT 113.4 kg 250 lb
    FOOTPRINT/WORK AREA 91.0 x 91.0 cm 35.8 x 35.8 in
    • Hybrid III Adult Dummy Family
    • Hybrid III Child Dummy Family
    • CRABI Child Dummy Family
    • ES-2re Side Impact Dummy
    • SID-IIs Side Impact Dummy
    Hybrid III 50th Male Drawing Pkg. 78051-218 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-E
    Hybrid III 6YO Drawing Pkg. 127-0000 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-N
    Hybrid III 5th Female Drawing Pkg. 880105-000 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-O
    Hybrid III 3YO Drawing Pkg. 210-000 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-P
    CRABI 12MO Drawing Pkg. 921022-000 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-R
    Hybrid III 10YO Drawing Pkg. 420-0000 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-T
    ES-2re Side Impact Drawing Pkg. 175-0000 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-U
    SID-IIs Side Impact Drawing Pkg. 180-0000 49CFR Part 572 Subpart-V