Certification is the final act of perfect test engineering.


At Humanetics, we can support all equipment needs from a single test probe or accessory for a single fixture to a complete turnkey Certification Laboratory.

A turnkey laboratory includes fixtures, computer, Data Acquisition System (DAS), junction boxes to route instrumentation cabling to a centralized DAS, as well as ATD software to control signal conditioning, processing and analysis of data.

Our Advanced Testing, Laboratory Acquisition System, known as ATLAS, is a state-of-the-art tool that sets the standard for test and calibration equipment. It is primarily used to calibrate load cells, but can be used to calibrate other transducers as well.  This system is built towards minimizing human effort and maximizing product quality to ensure all ATDs operate consistently throughout their working lives.

Humanetics can also provide hands-on training on the complete set of fixtures and dummy types that is focused directly at the technician and/or test engineer level.

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