S-Track Displacement Measurement Sensor

We offer a specialized sensor design for displacement measurement with an easy plug-and-play solution, matching existing sensor technologies. Our S-Track sensor can be used in numerous ATDs like WorldSID, THOR and Q-Dummies in multiple locations such as the thorax, shoulder, or abdomen area. 

The S-Track is a sensor solution for displacement measuring challenges. The design of the sensor is based on a very precise low-friction scissor mechanism. Transferring lifting motions ins absolute linearity onto a potentiometer in a conversion ratio of 4,5 to 1.

    Key Features
    • High resolution, absolute measurement
    • Precise low-friction scissor mechanism
    • Potentiometric measuring method - low current
    • Plug and play: matches existing applications
    • Calibration using existing equipment
    • Optional DTI integration
    Lengh (fully extended) 133.8 mm
    Lengh (fully collapsed) 58.6 mm
    Height 26.7 mm
    Available for the following applications
    Q-Dummy Family
    Data Sheets & Flyers