Dummy Positioning System (DPS)

  • Standard DPS 3-Camera DPS-1003-HR
  • Standard DPS 4-Camera DPS-1004-HR

The Humanetics Dummy Positioning System (DPS) is high-resolution digital camera methodology that aids in positioning crash test dummies for vehicle impact testing. Use of the DPS dramatically reduces pre-crash setup time, while offering robust and repeatable measuring results.

    Key Features
    • High-resolution digital camera(s) packaged in an industrial housing
    • Variable camera base on movable tripod
    • Operates independent of surrounding light via IR-LED illumination
    • Wireless, interchangeable probe tips with precision bayonet
    • Dummy adapter kits
    • Software control with graphical and numerical readout
    • Mobile, transportable, and deployable in any location
    • Quick positioning
    • Modular system that is expandable for new measurements
    • Full vehicle crash tests
    • Sled testing
    • Test cell static airbag deployments

    For a full list of model regulations, please contact a member of the Humanetics team.