Obese ATD

Obese ATD

  • Standard ATD 166-0000

The Obese ATD (Anthropomorphic Test Device) by Humanetics is the first initiative to build a 123.82 kg ATD capable of measuring belt and airbag loads generated from heavier occupants during crash events.

Most restraint systems are designed around mid-sized and small occupants using 1970’s anthropometric data. The Obese ATD features additional size and mass to better represent larger vehicle occupants. Humanetics is now offering rental of the Obese ATD prototype to third parties for evaluation and data comparison.

    Key Features
    • The Obese ATD is built around the skeletal structure of an existing THOR 50th Male ATD.
    • Unique flesh and additional mass are added to the upper and lower torso, as well as the upper legs to represent an occupant with a BMI of 35.
    OVERALL DIMENSIONS 762.0 x 490.0 x 1828.8 mm 30.0 x 19.3 x 72.0 in
    TOTAL WEIGHT 123.82 kg 273 lb
    SEATED HEIGHT 1,390 mm 54.7 in
    • Submarine impact strength testing for heavier drivers due to lap belt failure to interact with pelvic iliac wings.
    • This can cause the dummy’s H point to translate forward compared to the standard-sized dummy.
    • Restraint testing for heavier and larger occupants requiring seat belt repositioning.

    For a full list of model regulations, please contact a member of the Humanetics team.

    Please refer to THOR 50th Male dummy instrumentation list.

    Finite Element Model currently not available. If you are interested in this model please contact our regional sales representatives.