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OccuForm Hard Shell

The OccuForm Hard Shell consists of a fiberglass seat pan and fiberglass seat back connected by a weighted mechanical linkage. Seatback contour derived from UMTRI Shells Model Data. Seat pan contour developed from merging ASPECT contour surface data with UMTRI Shells model. Size and contours match ASPECT (SAE J826) 50th Percentile Male.

The OccuForm Hard Shell was a cooperative development of Humanetics and Lear Corporation. Lear Corporation uses the OccuForm Hard Shell for the majority of its seat testing programs.

    Key Features
    • Highly durable fiberglass shells.
    • Steel components for high loading capabilities.
    • Steel Machined Can (removable) can be used for Robot Arm attachment.
    • Three-piece design with removable upper torso allowing for individual seatback or seat pan testing.
    • Adjustable and lockable seatback angle positioning.
    • Compatible with all robots, including KUKA.
    • Upper and lower torso hinges at H point.
    • Seat insert used exclusively with lower torso for correct contour shape.
    • 4” Hemispherical simulator for knee testing.
    • Robotic locating needle for robotic setup.
    • Weights can be easily added for ballast testing.
    • Velcro© attachments adhere to Lear’s OccuForm Canvas Covers.*

    *Lear Corporation - Southfield, Michigan.

    OVERALL DIMENSIONS 609.3 x 463.3 m 23988.2 x 18240.2 in
    TOTAL WEIGHT 50 kg 110.2 lb
    SEATED HEIGHT 703.8 mm 27.7 in
    • Lear Corporation repetitive seat life cycle testing.
    • Ingress/Egress Testing.
    • Jounce and Squirm.
    • Vibrational/Shaker Table Testing.
    • Ballast Testing.
    • OEM seat tests that require the use of a 50th percentile male form as specified by NHTSA/SAE
    Lear Lear Corporation Internal Procedure

    Finite Element Model currently not available. If you are interested in this model please contact our regional sales representatives.