CEN Helmet headform with mg-sensor instrumentation option
CEN Helmet headform with mg-sensor instrumentation option

EN17950 Headform

The EN17950 Headforms, developed alongside Working Group 11 of CEN/TC158, aim to update European helmet testing by replacing the older EN960 models. These headforms are designed to better evaluate the risk of brain injuries, supporting efforts to create helmets that effectively reduce serious injuries during high-impact sports. This collaboration highlights an important advancement in safety and protection for sports enthusiasts.

The outer shape of the EN17950 Headform is based on scans of over 4,000 individuals and is characterized by the adapted mass moments, which meet inertia requirements. The headforms possess realistic friction characteristics of a human head against helmet linings, since the coefficient of friction has shown to have a major effect on head rotations and brain injury levels.


Additional to the headforms the following options can be added:

  • Two (or three) axis tilt sensor
  • IAT data processing software
  • SUFEHM box brain injury risk calculator
    Key Features
    • The EN17950 Headform is available in different sizes:
      • 47 cm
      • 49 cm
      • 51 cm - available on request
      • 53 cm
      • 55 cm - available on request
      • 57 cm
      • 59 cm - available on request
      • 61 cm 
      • 63 cm
    • Extended neck up to the chin assures stable chin strap positioning
    • Instrumented with a 6DOF sensor (6DX G2 for the wireless option), measuring 3 linear accelerations, 3 angular velocities
    • Impact data can be transmitted analog or digitally to a receiver, where the data is visible just seconds after the impact

    Dynamic impact helmet tests on flat, angled and kerbstone impacts

    The EN17950 Headform meets shape, mass, and center of gravity requirements defined by CEN/TC158 WG11. Due to the improvements in design, an adoption into updated European bike helmet regulation EN1078 in 2024 is very likely.

    Instrumentation Option Status Software
    6DOF with DAQ-D1 Full wireless Safety Studio
    6DOF with structural replacement Sensor with cable during test Recorder and software depending on lab preference/availability
    Data Sheets & Flyers


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