• Standard ATD ARA-001

Humanetics BioRID-II was designed to promote the development of more effective head and neck protection during rear impact collisions. Prior dummy models indicated a severe lack of biofidelity, and so the BioRID was engineered to demonstrate a more natural neck movement consistent with whiplash from rear impact force.

The BioRID-II has been validated against low-speed volunteer data. It was developed by Chalmers University and Denton ATD (now part of Humanetics) and is produced by Humanetics.

User and certification instructions for the BioRID-II are available in United Nations Mutual Resolution No. 1 -  Addendum 1 - Specifications for the Construction, Preparation and Certification of the 50th percentile male Biofidelic Rear Impact (BioRID-II UN) anthropomorphic test device.

    Key Features
    • Head: Modified Hybrid III. Chin modified to clear cervical vertebrae. Allows mounting leveling tool
    • Neck, Thorax, and Abdomen: The BioRID-II’s distinguishing feature is its vertebral column, which consists of 24 separate vertebrae: five lumbar, 12 thoracic, and seven cervical. Washers, urethane bumpers, and muscle-simulating springs provide biofidelic performance. The vertebral column is installed inside a silicone jacket featuring pin linkages to the vertebrae and a water filled bladder in the abdominal region.
    • Pelvis: The Sacrum-to-L5 Interface Plate mates the spine assembly to the modified Hybrid III pelvis, which features a lower cut iliac and larger leg opening.
    • Legs and Arms: The legs and arms of the dummy are standard Hybrid III 50th, with the option to include any of the sensors available for these appendages. Humanetics has developed a modified upper leg to accommodate a DTS G5 unit for an iDummy version of the BioRID-II, which is also available.
    OVERALL DIMENSIONS 780.0 x 466.0 x 1312.0 mm 30.7 x 18.3 x 51.7 in
    TOTAL WEIGHT 77.6 kg 171.1 lb
    FOOTPRINT/WORK AREA 780.0 x 466.0 mm 30.7 x 18.3 in
    SEATED HEIGHT 0.0 x 0.0 x 870.0 mm 0.0 x 0.0 x 34.3 in
    • Vehicular rear impact testing.
    ANCAP Whiplash
    C-NCAP Whiplash
    Euro NCAP Whiplash
    Global Technical Regulations GTR 7 (Head restraint)
    IIHS Seat/Head Restraints Dynamic
    JNCAP Whiplash
    KNCAP Whiplash

    The dummy is being used for research and standards development. It may be included in UNECE regulation 17 in the future.

    Head Axyz, Az for angular acceleration Skull Cap Fxyz T1 Thoracic Vertebrae Fxz, My or Fxy, My For calibration
    C4 Bi-axial accel pack Axz (not for Sled or vehicle test) Spring Tube Posterior Fz L5 Lumbar Fxyz, Mxyz
    Neck T1 Bi-axial pack Axz Spring Tube Anterior Fz
    T8 Bi-axial Pack Axz Upper Neck Fxyz, Mxyz
    L1 Bi-axial Pack Axz
    Pelvis Axyz