Q3s - 3  Year Old Child Adapted for Side Impact
Q3s - 3  Year Old Child Adapted for Side Impact
Q3s - 3  Year Old Child Adapted for Side Impact
Q3s - 3  Year Old Child Adapted for Side Impact
Q3s - 3  Year Old Child Adapted for Side Impact

Q-Series Q3s Dummy

  • Standard Q3s ATD 020-0100

In the early 1990s, statistics showed that there was much room for improvement in the design of child restraint systems (CRS) in vehicles. The existing P-Series of child dummies used for testing CRS had a simple design and were limited in their measurement capability.

Our Q-Series of child dummies were developed in 1993 as successors to the P-Series in the hopes of giving engineers the information they needed to design greater impact protection for children in cars. This new generation of dummies has much better anthropometry, biomechanics, and kinematics, all key to better evaluating the risk of injury to varying ages and sizes of child passengers. The Q-Series can be used in frontal or side impact testing, and the instrumentation is interchangeable within the dummy series.

The Q3s is a side impact only adaptation of the Q3 dummy designed to complement the Part 572 Subpart P Hybrid III 3-year-old child dummy.

    Key Features
    • Rigid plastic skull with accelerometer cavity, soft durable head skin with biofidelic response.
    • Neck consists of rubber segments between metal plates to allow realistic flexion, extension and lateral flexion rotational behavior.
    • Shoulder incorporates a ball and socket joint to simulate the humerus-scapula joint with a scapula distributing load at the back.
    • Frictional adjustment included for positioning the arms.
    • Sit-stand designs, anatomically shaped bony parts from anatomical data and child X-rays.
    Sitting Height 566 mm 22.3 in
    Stature 978 mm 38.5 in
    Head Circumference 505 mm 19.9 in
    Shoulder Height 338 mm 13.3 in
    Shoulder Width 246 mm 9.7 in
    Hip Width 183 mm 7.2 in
    Buttock to Knee 305 mm 12 in
    Buttock to popliteus, sitting 249 mm 9.8 in
    Total Weight 14.5 kg 32 lb
    • Vehicular front and side impact testing.
    US FMVSS No. 213, ‘‘Child Restraint Systems’’ (proposed) CFR PART 572 subpart W
    Linear Accels Angular Velocity Load Cells Displacement
    Head Axyz Head ωxyz Neck Upper Fxyz, Mxyz Ribcage Dx, Dy
    Thorax Axyz Neck Lower Fxyz, Mxyz
    Pelvis Axyz Lower Lumbar Fxyz, Mxyz
    T1 Ay Pelvis Fy Pubic Force
    Rib Cage Axy
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