Hybrid III 3 Year Old
Hybrid III 3 Year Old
Hybrid III 3 Year Old
Hybrid III 3 Year Old
Hybrid III 3 Year Old

Hybrid III Children Series

  • Standard 3YO ATD 210-0000-H

The Hybrid III 3 Year Old Child Crash Test Dummy was originally developed in 1992 in cooperation with the SAE Biomechanics Committees and the National Highway Transport Safety Administration (NHTSA). The anthropometry of the dummy is derived from University of Michigan Transport Research Institute (UMTRI) studies and scaled data from the current Hybrid III 50th dummy. The dummy went through a complete upgrade in 1997 to enable the dummy to evaluate airbag aggressiveness when a child is close to a deploying airbag.

The dummy can be positioned standing or sitting and can evaluate the safety performance of many types of child restraint systems. The "Out Of Position" (OOP) test procedures require the dummy to accurately measure neck loading, chest compression and the Viscous Criterion while being durable and repeatable in these severe test conditions.

    Key Features
    • Fiberglass skull and cap, vinyl skin
    • Segmented, flexible neck with molded butyl rubber construction
    • Shoulder pivot joints and elastomeric links
    • Ballasted steel spine box, three high-strength steel ribs bonded with polymer based damping material.
    • A urethane bib and aluminum sternum carry accelerometers for measurement of Viscous Criterion in frontal impact
    • Urethane and Ensolite™ foam limbs molded over a welded steel skeleton
    Sitting Height 546.1 mm 21.5 in
    Stature 950.5 mm 37.4 in
    Head Circumference 508 mm 20 in
    Chest Circumference 539.75 mm 21.3 in
    Waist Circumference 539.75 mm 21.3 in
    Chest Depth 146.05 mm 5.8 in
    Shoulder Pivot Height 314.96 mm 12.4 in
    Hip Pivot Height 39.37 mm 1.6 in
    Thigh Clearance 86.11 mm 3.4 in
    Lower Arm & Hand Length 255.02 mm 10 in
    Shoulder to Elbow Length 193.04 mm 7.6 in
    Buttock Popliteal Length 225.55 mm 8.9 in
    Popliteal Height 226.06 mm 8.9 in
    Buttock to Knee Length 256.54 mm 10.1 in
    Foot Breadth 58.67 mm 2.3 in
    Total Weight 16.2 kg 35.7 lb
    • Vehicular front and side impact testing for child restraint systems
    FMVSS 208 49 CFR Part 572-Subpart P
    FMVSS 213 49 CFR Part 572-Subpart P
    Head Axyz, Az Upper Neck Thorax Dx
    Thorax T1, T4,T12 Axyz, Ax in line w/rib 3 (V*C) Lower Neck
    Axyz, opposite rib 3 Ax (V*C) Sternum Ax at ribs 1 & 3 Shoulder Fxz
    Pelvis Axyz Lumbar Fxyz, Mxyz
    Pelvis-Pubis Fxz
    Acetabulum Fy,Fy
    ASIS Left & Right
    Upper & Lower Fx,Fx (4)