Interview with ATD-LabTech Founder

In July of 2022, ATD-LabTech, the state-of-the-art Dummy Test Equipment Maker, joined the Humanetics Group in the mission of Protecting Human Potential. Founded in 2015, ATD-LabTech is globally known for their certification equipment, comprehensive ATD lab management software, and dummy certification services.

Gerhard Pfeifer, Managing Director of ATD-LabTech talked with us about his passion for safety, his take on success and challenges, and his vision for the dummy lab of the future.

What started your passion for safety?

GerhardEver since I was a little kid, I had a love for cars and motorcycles. What I did not know back then was that one day I would be lucky enough to be included in a community that is working towards making our roads safer.

What laid the foundation of ATD-LabTech?

Gerhard:  I started my career working in specialty machine construction. In 1999 I was first exposed to a dummy laboratory. The exceptional work environment a dummy laboratory offers, working in an international community that is collaborating on international regulations and bound by the mission to save lives captivated me. Soon my passion for machine construction returned and I started combining the two areas of dummy certification and machine construction with the founding of ATD-LabTech. We started out with a very small team of three people that are all still working at ATD-LabTech today. Slowly our team grew and in 2016 we moved into our new facility in Niedernberg.

Which solutions are you offering to customers to help them drive value?

Gerhard: Our team is designing and constructing dummy certification test systems which can perform all necessary ATD certification tests. Connectivity is not only a global megatrend but also a tool to facilitate daily testing. ATD certification can come with its challenges such as standardization and conforming to ISO processes, but our connected dummy lab offers new possibilities in the creation, reproduction, and measurement of data that can be globally accessed.

What does success mean to you and ATD-LabTech?

Gerhard:  Being able to work in this fantastic community and now being a part of Humanetics and their Safety and Digital roadmap is a great success for us. Especially exciting is the opportunity to support customers with our vision of a connected lab and being a part of the digital revolution in the dummy laboratory makes me very proud.

Especially exciting is the opportunity to support customers with our vision of a connected lab and being a part of the digital revolution in the dummy laboratory makes me very proud.

- Gerhard Pfeifer, Managing Director of ATD-LabTech


What inspires you?

Gerhard:  Being a dad of three, my children and family inspire me daily in my work. My child once asked me “how long do you have to work?” My answer may sound cheesy, but if you are following your passion and do what you love, you truly do not have to work a day in your life.

How does the ATD-LabTech portfolio fit into the Humanetics vision of protecting humans in motion?

Gerhard:  ATD-LabTech has followed a solution-oriented approach, which has been the starting point for the development of most of our products and is a shared philosophy with Humanetics. Since Humanetics is an international company with a global network of facilities and sales representatives, we are now working to raise and expand the technical support for our global customer base. We are convinced that with this new collaboration we can support customers with exceptional service and cover all of their needs.

How do you handle challenges in your business?

Gerhard:  Challenges can happen every day, however with the support of a talented team and our bold vision in mind, overcoming them will always be possible. Persistence and determination are also required, as well as listening to the voice of our customer.

What is your vision for the future?

Gerhard:  Building a virtual product with reliable hardware data will not only save time and material, but also decrease the costs of development. Our vision is to navigate the digital transformation and integration of the new test lab paradigm together with our customers. We want to partner with our customers, supporting them with hardware and digital equivalents to increase their efficiency and decrease measurement uncertainty with globally standardized data.


Anne Raab

Anne is the Marketing Lead for Humanetics Safety in Europe, residing in the beautiful city of Heidelberg, Germany. She works closely with both our Passive and Active Safety teams to bring the latest events and communications to the industry.