HURON, OH - Humanetics, the world’s premier manufacturer of anthropomorphic test devices (ATDs) - commonly known as crash test dummies - is proud to celebrate its 30th anniversary of operations in Erie County, Ohio, and its 15th year in Huron, Ohio.

Humanetics’ origins trace back to the 1950s, when Samuel Alderson created the first crash test dummy. Since then, the company has developed over 40 types of ATDs, ranging from newborns to large adults, including an entire suite of child and female devices. Crash test dummies were first produced in 1991 in Milan, Ohio. The operation experienced substantial growth, prompting the transition to a more expansive manufacturing site in Huron to accommodate the increasing demand.

Located in Erie County, the 45,000 square foot facility was the first of its kind, designed specifically for the manufacturing of crash test dummies. It features a state-of-the-art machining center, advanced vinyl and rubber molding systems, and a centrally located dummy certification lab spanning 4,500 square feet. The facility’s advanced environmental controls ensure the production of consistent, high-quality components, setting a new standard in the industry.

As a celebration of Humanetics’ 15-year presence in Huron, the company recently raised a billboard on Route 2 close to the Rye Beach Road exit. Christopher O’Connor, President and CEO of Humanetics, explains, “We wanted to remind the Huron community that the safety design of every vehicle in the world has been tested with a crash test dummy that originates in Huron. Millions of lives have been saved by these devices, meticulously manufactured here in Huron. It’s hard not to be proud of that.”

Huron Billboard

“We employ more than 120 of the area’s best operators and brightest engineers at our Huron facility. The automotive heritage of the region supports the company and offers a wide range of career opportunities for engineers, technicians, software professionals, and high-tech manufacturing specialists,” says Human Resources Manager, Heather Aschemeier. “Many manufacturing positions at Humanetics do not require previous experience, as the company provides comprehensive on-the-job training for roles including machinists, molders, welders, assemblers, quality technicians, laboratory technicians, and global shipping and receiving staff.”

Since 1990, advancements in vehicle safety technologies, notably seat belts and airbags, have played a pivotal role in saving lives on the road. Estimates from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) suggest that these features, along with rigorous crash testing involving Humanetics' ATDs, have been instrumental in saving hundreds of thousands of lives. The dedicated teams at our Huron facility have been crucial in producing the tools that allow the integration of these life-saving technologies into modern vehicles, underscoring our commitment to enhancing road safety.

To commemorate its 15th year of manufacturing ATDs in Huron, Ohio, Humanetics has erected a billboard on Route 2 east before the Rye Beach road exit. This milestone not only celebrates the company’s achievements in vehicle safety but also reinforces its ongoing search for local talent to join its mission of saving lives.

As a proud member of the Huron community, Humanetics looks forward to continuing its legacy of innovation and community involvement for many years to come.

Huron Billboard

About Humanetics

Our Mission: Protecting Humans in Motion

Humanetics is an Industrial technology group, and a leading provider of safety systems, crash test dummies (ATDs), simulation software (RAMSIS), CAE models, human body models, complete line of passive & active safety SW & testing solutions, precision sensors, fiber optics and laser material processing solutions. The group is organized into three divisions (Safety, Digital and Sensors) focused on precision engineering and software development that puts humans at the heart of industrial design. The group has over 1000 employees located in facilities worldwide, with our global corporate headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA.

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