Humanetics Biomed’s precision laser micromachining and optical fiber processing services from Optek Systems will be represented by David Schnur Associates across three continents.

Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA, May 19, 2023

Humanetics Biomed is a Contract Development Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) that combines the best biomedical technologies from Humanetics; with the technical engineering expertise for research and development of precision lasered components and subcomponents for medical devices.

Humanetics Biomed, part of the global industrial technology group Humanetics, is built on 50 years of delivering strain gauge sensors, material processing, laser micromachining, optical fiber processing and fiber optics for its customers from R&D to full scale production volumes. Its customers range from niche start-ups to over 60% of the largest medical companies in the world.

Headquartered in Michigan, Humanetics Biomed operates six manufacturing facilities across the US, Europe (UK), Asia (Sri Lanka and China) with 140,000 sq. ft of facilities and a workforce of 300 people.

Humanetics Biomed’s solutions and applications include:

  • Specialty optical fibers, probes, sensors and laser power delivery
  • Custom force, load and infusion pump sensors
  • Torque transducers used in advanced surgical and orthopaedic tools
  • Precision laser machining for stents, hypotubes, ceramics, polymers and rare metals
  • Optical fiber processing, stripping, cleaving and lensing
  • Turnkey packaging and closed container integrity testing (CCIT)
  • Machine automation for scalable and quality controlled process

OpTek, a part of Humanetics Biomed, has agreed to a multi-year strategic agreement with David Schnur Associates (DSA), a global supplier of outsourced technical sales and marketing services for the medical industry. The partnership offers customers a seamless pathway from process validation to full scale production by leveraging OpTek’s 20 years experience in contract manufacturing and precision laser micromachining. OpTek utilises a diverse range of laser wavelengths to provide capabilities including precision micro hole drilling in polymer applications such as microtubing and balloons for filtration and precise drug dosing control.

“To put it in context, laser processing has been at the heart of several of the largest transactions in the medical device OEM space in recent years,” DSA CEO Barry Schnur said. “As medical devices have continued to scale down, there’s been a greater need for precise, tight-tolerance features for complex components in less space, and laser processing is a key technology that has evolved to meet that need.”

“Given DSA’s extensive customer base and biomedical expertise, our partnership will enable OpTek to deliver value to new customers in high-growth markets and regions. We look forward to working on complex challenges that can benefit from our applied micromachining and optical fiber processing expertise,” said Bruce Valentine, OpTek’s Global Managing Director.

Humanetics Biomed

About Humanetics (Website:

Humanetics is an Industrial technology company, and a leading provider of safety systems, crash test dummies (ATDs), simulation software, CAE models, precision sensors, fiber optics and cutting-edge laser material engineering solutions. The group has over 950 employees across 26 facilities strategically located around the world with the global corporate headquarters located in Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA.

About OpTek Systems (Website:

OpTek has built a reputation as one of the most highly respected providers of laser processing solutions, combining its core expertise in lasers, optics and laser/material interactions with a high degree of automation. OpTek is headquartered in Oxford, U.K., and also operates from facilities in Dongguan, China; Boston, Massachusetts; and Greenville, South Carolina.

About DSA (Website:

David Schnur Associates (DSA) is a medical device technical sales organization with 45 years of experience consulting on the design and development of medical components and devices. With consultancy services and a global network of materials partners, DSA acts as an extension of its customers’ design, engineering and manufacturing teams.

For information please contact

Barney Loehnis, Humanetics, CMO,                                                                               

[email protected] +1 203 2461397

Barney Loehnis

Barney Loehnis

Barney is the President of Humanetics Sensors & Chief Marketing Officer, leading our Sensor group and marketing growth programs, strategic communications, and customer experience design. He has led marketing and digital transformations in Europe, Asia and the USA in B2B, B2C and agency sectors, for clients like IBM, VW, Huawei, Qualcomm and Mercer Consulting. Barney is a British and American citizen, a bad runner and avid cook.